Theory Seminar — Spring 2021

Theory seminar meets weekly on Mondays, 11 a.m. to noon Central Standard/Daylight Time, via Zoom.

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February 01. Timothy Chu
Functions that Preserve Manhattan Distances

February 08. Jeff Erickson
Chasing Puppies

February 15. Jason Li
Deterministic Mincut in Almost-Linear Time

February 22. Thatchaphol Saranurak
Recent Applications of Expanders to Graph Algorithms

March 01. Aleksander Łukasiewicz
All-Pairs LCA in DAGs: Breaking through the O(n^2.5) barrier

March 08. No talk.

March 15. David Zheng
Finding Good Solutions to NP-Hard Geometry Optimization Problems through Variations of Local Search

March 22. Arnold Filtser
Clan Embeddings into Trees, and Low Treewidth Graphs

March 29. Tanvi Bajpai
Revisiting Priority k-Center: Fairness and Outliers

April 05. Joseph S.B. Mitchell
Approximating Maximum Independent Set for Rectangles in the Plane

April 12. Weihang Wang
Fixed Parameter Approximation Scheme for Min-max k-cut

April 19. Ali Vakilian
Approximation Algorithms for Fair Clustering

April 26. Akshayaram Srinivasan
Three-Round Secure Multiparty Computation from Black-Box Two-Round Oblivious Transfer

May 03. Brendan Lucier
An O(log log m) Prophet Inequality for Subadditive Combinatorial Auctions