Theory Seminar – Spring 2018

Theory Seminar (Spring 2018)

Theory seminar meets weekly on Mondays at 11:00 in room 3401. To receive updates, subscribe to the theory-seminar mailing list. If you are interested in giving a talk please email Robert Andrews at rgandre2 [a‌t] .


January 29. Chandra Chekuri.
Tree Packings and (Approximate) min-k-cuts.

Febuary 5. Vivek Madan.
A tight \sqrt{2} approximation for Linear-3-Cut.

Febuary 12. Charles Carlson.
Optimal Lower Bounds for Sketching Graph Cuts.

Febuary 19. Mohammed El-Kebir.
Inverse Problems in Cancer Genomics.

Febuary 26. Admitted Student Visit Day.

March 5. Kent Quanrud.
Fast Approximations for Metric-TSP via Linear Programming.

March 12. Final Exam of Chao Xu.
Cuts and Connectivity in Graphs and Hypergraphs.
*10am, 2102 Siebel.

March 19. Spring Break.

March 26. Simina Brânzei.
Universal Growth in Production Economies.

April 2. Anindya De.
Optimal mean-based algorithms for trace reconstruction.

April 9. Vasilis Livanos.
A Converse to Banach’s Fixed Point Theorem and its CLS Completeness.

April 16. Rucha Kulkarni.
Octahedral Tucker is PPA-Complete.

April 23. Huacheng Yu.
Better understanding of efficient dynamic data structures.
*10am, 2405 Siebel.

April 30. Tasos Sidiropoulos.
Fractal dimension and computational complexity.