Theory Seminar – Fall 2018

Theory Seminar (Fall 2018)

Theory seminar meets weekly on Tuesdays at 09:30-10:30 in room 3403. To receive updates, subscribe to the theorycs mailing list. If you are interested in giving a talk please email Vasilis Livanos at livanos3 [at] illinois [dot] edu.


August 27. First meeting.

September 4. Ian Ludden.
Models for Generating NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Bracket Pools

September 11. Mitchell Jones.
On Locality-Sensitive Orderings and Their Applications.

September 18. Zhao Zhang.
Approximation Algorithms for Fault-Tolerant Connected Dominating Set.

September 25. Meghan Shanks.
Baseline Sequential Stochastic Assignment Problem.

October 2. Yipu Wang.
Maximum integer flow in planar graphs with vertex capacities and multiple sources and sinks.

October 9. Bolton Bailey.
Size-Noise Tradeoffs in Generative Networks.

October 16. Kent Quanrud.
Submodular Function Maximization in Parallel via the Multilinear Relaxation.

October 23. Calvin Beideman.
Approximating Densest k-Subhypergraph.

October 30. Pooja Kulkarni.
Faster Winnow-like algorithm for Linear Feasibility Problem.

November 6. Qizheng He.
The Energy Complexity of Broadcast.

November 13. Manuel Torres.
Approximating Column Sparse Packing Integer Programs.

November 20. Fall Break.

November 27.  Thatchaphol Saranurak.
Dynamic Spanning Forest: Techniques and Connections to Other Fields.

December 4. Shant Boodaghians.
Smoothed Efficient Algorithms and Reductions for Network Coordination Games.

December 11. Ali Bibak.
Improving the smoothed complexity of FLIP for max cut problems.