Student Seminar – Summer 2020

The student seminar meets weekly on Saturdays at 3-4pm on Zoom.

  • Meeting ID: 914 0920 2857
  • Password: T_____ (six-letter surname of a famous Bletchley Park codebreaker, or what “T” stands for in, “Suppose there is a TM that decides L.”)

This seminar is meant to provide an informal setting for students to share new and interesting things they’ve learned with one another, as well as to practice speaking. The content of a talk need not be research-level. Aim for a broad audience—help us understand why you find the topic interesting enough to spend time talking about it. For dissemination of recent research results, the theory seminar is probably a better fit.

To receive updates, subscribe to the theory-students mailing list. If you are interested in giving a talk, please email Robert Andrews (rgandre2 [at] illinois [dot] edu).


June 13. Rucha Kulkarni.
Introduction to fair division.

June 20. Patrick Lin.

June 27. Robert Andrews.
The complexity of factorials.

July 4. Independence Day.

July 11. Christian Howard.
The probabilistic method.

July 18. Timothy Zhou.
Classic theorems in convex geometry.

July 25. No speaker.

August 1. Bolton Bailey.
Provably hard-to-factor integers.

August 8, 1pm. Patrick Lin.
Finding zen, for the most part, in flat spaces.