Welcome to TESL PRO!

The TESL PRO (Professionalism, Research, and Objectives) Group is a professional development group for graduate students in TESL, Applied Linguistics and Instructed SLA to meet weekly and discuss critical skills for engaging with the language education field. Each week involves an introduction to a TESL interest group and/or journal, an overview of a specific analytic skill needed for research and teaching in the TESL profession, and stories from you and other TESL professionals on advancing in the field and developing a personal professional agenda. Please contact Rurik Tywoniw (rtywoniw@illinois.edu) for access to TESL PRO resources and the associated list-serv used to announce meetings.

For FallĀ 2023, meetings are at 12:00pm on Fridays, in LCLB room 3092c.