Math contests at UIUC

In the Falls of 2023, we had two “local” math competitions at UIUC: Freshman and Mock Putnam (Saturday Oct 28, 2023). Undergraduate students could also participate in Putnam exam (December 2).

In the Spring of 2024, one more math contest will take place – Undergraduate contest (Saturday March 2, 2024).

In the Fall of 2023, I was running contest training sessions. No such sessions are planned for the Spring Semester of 2024, but I plan to re-start them in the Fall of 2024. The training materials are available on the Moodle page for math contests.

If you are interested in participating in math competitions, and in getting relevant updates by email, please visit the contests Moodle page ( to access its contents (announcements, training materials, recommendations for further reading). Also, sign-up sheets for various contests shall appear there.