Rooming & Food

Students are housed in university dorms, where the University of Illinois students live during the academic year. Each residence hall is air-conditioned and situated within walking distance of the instructional facilities. Students will share a room with one other participant of the same gender. Housing assignments will be made randomly. The building is coed and is staffed with security personnel 24 hours a day. Non-residential Summer Program students are not allowed into the dormitories.

For Arabic High School Program, two student Resident Assistants (RAs), one male and one female, will live in the students’ residence until the end of the course. The Resident Assistants are fluent speakers of Arabic and are carefully chosen from the University of Illinois graduate student body. They are responsible for students’ safety, and will serve as a vital source of program information and language instruction.

Accepted students will receive e-mail communication directing them to information on move-in procedures, disability services, transportation, what to bring and other program details. The first-day orientation will prepare students to use good judgment and understand safety guidelines so that they can enjoy the program and living on campus throughout their stay.

Accepted students will stay in one of the campus’s residence halls that is available in Summer 2018. University dietitians and executive chefs prepare well-balanced meals that offer students a wide variety of options, including vegetarian dishes. If a participant has special dietary needs, please contact the SILMW office so that arrangements can be made with the University’s Dining Services staff.