Are there any scholarship or financial aid opportunities?

Absolutely! We offer FULL and PARTIAL scholarships to applicants based on merit and need. Whether a student is awarded financial aid or not, and how much that aid will be is determined by several factors including the total number of applicants and the quality of the applications. We will inform applicants of their scholarship/financial aid award status in due time, and we encourage all our applicants to apply for financial aid!

I live in the Urbana-Champaign area, do I have to stay in the dorms?

Staying in the dorms with the other high school students and the RAs who are native or high-level speakers of Arabic will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Arabic language, and will provide support for you as you study and do homework together. Nevertheless, if you prefer to stay at home, we do have a “commuter” option for students who wish to only attend classes and activities throughout the day and then return to their homes in the evening.

If I enroll in the program as a local “commuter” student and do not stay in the dorms, will I be responsible for my own lunch during the program?

Lunch is provided in the dorms for residential students staying in the dorms. Local students who are not staying in the dorms are welcome to join them if they wish. They can either pay for each lunch meal individually everyday, or purchase a lunch ticket. Alternatively, local students who do not wish to join the residential students for lunch in the dorms can bring their own lunch and have it anywhere on campus.

I am in junior high, can I apply to your program?

The workload and intensity of the program is designed for high school students. Nonetheless, if you are in the final years of junior high and you are motivated and prepared to handle this type of load, we encourage you to apply. We will examine junior high applications on a case-by-case basis.

What is the weather like in Urbana-Champaign?

Summer in Champaign-Urbana is usually hot and humid, but buildings are air-conditioned.  It often rains so bring an umbrella. Also, it is important to bring closed toed shoes, long pants, and a hat for the field trips.

Will I have the opportunity to interact with current university students?

Yes!  The RAs are current University of Illinois students, and there are many students on campus during the summer taking summer courses, working, and conducting research.

Can I choose my roommate?

No.  Roommates are assigned.  If you wish to be put in touch with your roommate before arrival please contact us at silmw@illinois.edu

What kinds of assignments will we do for the course?

Students receive a variety of assignments throughout the week including: assigned reading, field and lecture notes, online discussion and reflections, and individual and group research and presentations.

Are there assigned readings before the course?

No.  Readings will be distributed upon arrival on campus. 

What social activities will be available?

Many of the workshop academic activities involve team work and field work excursions that are social by nature.  In addition, RAs organize evening activities such as scavenger hunts, bowling at the campus student union and live concerts on campus.

Can I bring a car?

No.  We cannot provide parking and students do not leave campus during the workshop.