• CLASP: Cross-modal Alignment Using Pre-trained Unimodal Models
    J. Zhou, Z. Zeng, H. Gong, and S. Bhat
    [To appear in Findings of ACL 2024]
  • Non-compositional Expression Generation and its Continual Learning
    J. Zhou and S. Bhat
    [To appear in Findings of ACL 2024]
  • No Context Needed: Contextual Quandary In Idiomatic Reasoning With Pre-Trained Language Models
    K. Cheng and S. Bhat
    [To appear in NAACL 2024]
  • .Analego: Let’s build analogies together!
    Bhavya, S. Sehgal, S. Bhat and C. Zhai
    [AI4ED 2024]
  • The Relation Among Gender, Language, and Posting Type in Online Chemistry Course Discussion Forums
    G. Henricks, M. Perry, and S. Bhat
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    Z. Zeng and  S. Bhat
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  • Non-compositional Expression Generation Based on Curriculum Learning and Continual Learning
    J. Zhou, and  S. Bhat
    [EMNLP 2023 Findings]
  • CRISP: Curriculum based Sequential neural decoders for Polar code family
    S. A. Hebbar, V. V. Nadkarni, A. V. Makkuva, S. Bhat, S. Oh, and  P. Viswanath
    [ICML 2023]
  • CLCL: Non-compositional Expression Detection with Contrastive Learning and Curriculum Learning
    J. Zhou, Z. Zeng and S. Bhat
    [ACL 2023]
  • Automating Patient Note Feedback using Natural Language Processing: Examining Scoring Reliability and Feasibility of an Automated Short Answer Grading System
    W. Bond, J. Zhou, S. Bhat, R. Ebert-Allen, Y. S. Park, and R. Yudkowsky
    [RIME 2023]
  • The Importance of Diverse User Goals When Designing an Automated COVID Risk Counselor
    J. E. Cox, M. Hasegawa-Johnson, S. Bhat, M. Umashankar, H. C. Lane and D. Morrow
    [International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care 2023]


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    J. Zhou, V. N. Thakkar, R. Yudkowsky, S. Bhat, and  W. F. Bond
    [LOUHI 2022]
  • Getting BART to Ride the Idiomatic Train: Learning to Represent Idiomatic Expressions
    Z. Zeng and S. Bhat
    [TACL 2022]
  • Enhancing Content Preservation in Unsupervised Text Style Transfer
    W. Zhu and S. Bhat
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  • Idiomatic Expression Paraphrasing without Strong Supervision
    J. Zhou, Z. Zeng, H. Gong, and S. Bhat
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  • Automated Assessment of Written Patient Notes for Reliable Medical Learner Feedback
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    J. Zhou and S. Bhat
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  • Euphemistic Phrase Detection by Masked Language Model
    W. Zhu and S. Bhat
    [Findings of EMNLP 2021]
  • Idiomatic Expression Identification Using Semantic Compatibility
    Z. Zeng and S. Bhat
    [TACL 2021]
  • PIE: Parallel Idiomatic Expression Corpus for Idiomatic Sentence Generation and Paraphrasing
    J. Zhou, H. Gong, and S. Bhat
    [MWE 2021]
  • Generate, Prune, Select: A Pipeline for Counterspeech Generation against Online Hate Speech
    W. Zhu and S. Bhat
    [Findings of ACL 2021]
  • Self-Supervised Euphemism Detection and Identification for Content Moderation
    W. Zhu, H. Gong, R. Bansal, Z. Weinberg, N. Christin, G. Fanti, and S. Bhat
    [IEEE S&P 2021]
  • Modeling Consistency Using Engagement Patterns in Online Courses
    J. Zhou, and S. Bhat
    [LAK 2021]
  • A Social Network Analysis of Online Engagement for College Students Traditionally Underrepresented in STEM
    D. Williams-Dobosz, R. F. L. Azevedo, A. Jeng, V. Thakkar, S. Bhat, N. Bosch, and M. Perry
    [LAK 2021]
  • Abusive Language Detection in Heterogeneous Contexts: Dataset Collection and the Role of Supervised Attention
    H. Gong, A. Valido, K. Ingram, G. Fanti, S. Bhat, and D. Espelage
    [AAAI 2021]


  • Rich Syntactic and Semantic Information Helps Unsupervised Text Style Transfer
    H. Gong, L. Song, and S. Bhat
    [INLG 2020]
  • Context-Aware Automatic Text Simplification of Health Materials in Low-Resource Domains
    T. Sakakini,  S. Bhat
    [LOUHI 2020]
  • GRUEN for Evaluating Linguistic Quality of Generated Text
    W. Zhu, and S. Bhat
    [EMNLP (Findings) 2020]
  • Enriching Word Embeddings With Temporal and Spatial Information
    H. Gong, S. Bhat and P. Viswanath
    [CoNLL 2020]
  • FUSE: Multi-Faceted Set Expansion by Coherent Clustering of Skip-grams
    W. Zhu, H. Gong, J. Shen, C. Zhang, J. Shang, S. Bhat and J. Han
    [ECML-PKDD 2020]
  • Closing the Loop in Computer Agent/Patient Communication
    D. Morrow, R. F. L. Azevedo, L. Sari, K. Gu, T. Sakakini, M. Hasegawa- Johnson, S. Bhat, J. Graumlich, T. Huang, A. Hariharan, Y. Shao, & E. Cox
    [Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting 2020]

  • Effective Forum Curation via Multi-task Learning
    F. Brahman, N. Varghese, S. Bhat and S. Chaturvedi
    [EDM 2020]
  • Online Discussion Forum Help-Seeking Behaviors of Students Underrepresented in STEM
    V. Jay, G. Henricks, C. Anderson, L. Angrave, N. Bosch, N. Shaik, D. Williams- Dobosz, S. Bhat, and M. Perry
    [ICLS 2020]
  • Gender and Gendered Discourse in Online STEM College Courses
    G. Henricks, S. Bhat, and M. Perry
    [ICLS 2020]
  • IlliniMet: Illinois System for Metaphor Detection with Contextual and Linguistic Information
    H. Gong, K. Gupta, A. Jain, and S. Bhat
    [FigLang 2020]


  • PaRE: A Paper-Reviewer Matching Approach Using a Common Topic Space
    O. Anjum, H. Gong, S. Bhat, J. Xiong, and W.  Hwu
    [EMNLP  2019]
  • Equipping Educational Applications with Domain Knowledge
    T. Sakakini, H. Gong, J. Y. Lee, R. Schloss, J. Xiong, and S. Bhat
    [BEA Workshop 2019]
  • The Influence of Computer Agent Characteristics on User Preferences in Health Contexts
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  • Reinforcement Learning Based Text Style Transfer without Parallel Training Corpus
    H. Gong, S. Bhat, L. Wu, J. Xiong, and W. Hwu
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  • Context-Sensitive Malicious Spelling Error Correction
    H. Gong, Y. Li, S. Bhat, and P. Viswanath
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  • DiAd: Domain Adaptation for Learning at Scale
    Z. Zeng, S. Chaturvedi, S. Bhat, and D. Roth
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