I lead the efforts of DIYA, to inspire young adults and engage them with data science projects through our winter and summer camps.

August 2023: Our DIYA team has had a very busy summer. Our Exploration track was added to the existing Bootcamp and Research tracks, which was well received by students with STEM and non-STEM interests. Students in the Exploration track presented their capstone projects that focused on the issues of Unemployment, Climate change and World Hunger.

July 2023: DIYA piloted its India chapter this summer! 17 students from the Udupi district in Karnataka, successfully completed our 4-part data science workshop conducted virtually. Congratulations to the presenters on their wonderful capstone projects! We wish you well and hope you will pay this forward ini your own ways.

August 2022: This summer’s young analysts did a fantastic work in their bootcamp and research programs. The boot campers did an impressive exploratory analysis of 4 datasets. The 3 research groups did a great job on their research project trying to to understand climate change and equity.

May 2022: DIYA partnered with the Chicago Pre-college Science and Engineering (ChiSE) program in introducing high school seniors from Chicago schools to the fascinating world of data science.

August 2021: We had another successful DIYA summer with our DIYAs successfully completing their bootcamp and subsequently their research projects. Check out the impressive range of projects they explored and the awesome results here. We worked on 4 broad societal themes:

  • Exploring the connection between cancer rates and water quality;
  • Analyzing unsheltered homelessness in California;
  • Exploring the factors that influence average daily temperature rise in Los Angeles;
  • Analyzing how student habits and family play a role in driving student academic performance.