About the Initiative

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign continually strives to increase access, promote timely degree completion, and prepare our students to make positive contributions to the state, nation, and the world.

Prioritizing Success

The campus Student Success Initiative is a student-focused initiative, prominently placed as Goal 2 in the Next 150 Strategic Plan. With collaboration from Academic and Student Affairs, the Student Success Initiative has taken a wide view — defining student success, establishing goals of the initiative, and collecting feedback. This principled look assesses student responsibility, participation, and performance, as well as analyzes structural and systematic barriers that impede student progress.

Relying heavily on the expertise of colleagues from across campus, the initial phase of the Student Success Initiative invited faculty, staff, and student voices to recognize and advance the good work already being done, and identify current opportunities for effective future outcomes. This report acknowledges the demonstrated commitment to this work. Its is thorough, aspirational, broad and relevant, and reflects a measure of the breadth of the work accomplished to date.

The Student Success Initiative continues in the current academic year, moving into the next phase of aligning recommendations and assembling implementation teams.

To learn more about the Student Success Initiative, please visit this news story.