Meet Us

Leadership Team:


President: Rohit Ananthanarayana

Rohit is a PhD student in the Speech and Hearing Science department. He has a background in audio and music signal processing. His current research is on the human auditory perception of complex ecological sounds. He enjoys cooking and playing the violin.

Vice President: Prajna Krishnamurthy

Prajna is a mechanical engineer with specialisation in acoustics and vibrations. Her deep interest in neuroscience brought her to the perception side of acoustics. Her research interests include auditory, perception, cognition, and its impact on behaviour. She is easily annoyed by loud, noisy soundscapes. 

Membership Director: Betsy Smith

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Betsy joined the Wave Propagation and Metamaterials Lab in 2018 to pursue her M.S. in Mechanical Science and Engineering. She enjoys research work on ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation of materials and is continuing at Illinois for her Ph.D. Betsy is also a musician and novice sailor.

Secretary: Charles Nudelman

Charlie is a Ph.D. student in Speech and Hearing Science, advised by Dr. Pasquale Bottalico. Charlie completed his B.S. at UIUC. and M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology at the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions. His research investigates acoustic features of the human voice signal in an effort to develop diagnostic and treatment tools for voice disorders. 

Treasurer: Silvia Murgia

Silvia is a PhD student in Speech and Hearing Science. She received her bachelor’s and Master’s degree in architecture. During her master’s degree she got passionate about acoustics, working on a project aimed at improving learning abilities of primary school children. Her current research investigates factors influencing speech intelligibility in primary school including acoustic parameters, vocal disorders and, now, the use of masks.

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