Renee Romano Student Leadership Scholarship Fund

Dr. Renée Romano served as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign for from 2006-2017.  During that time her dedication to the learning experience of students outside the classroom at the University of Illinois, and her relentless commitment to diversity and inclusion, experiential learning, and leadership opportunities left an indelible mark on this campus.  Her initiatives created a sense of belonging and a community ethic of care, while building real world skills, that support the academic mission of the University.

Renée Romano Student Leadership Scholarship recognizes an undergraduate student who exemplifies authentic leadership and has contributed a personal legacy of impact, especially with programs, projects, efforts, or activities that benefit women students and contribute to a campus community ethic of care, much like Dr. Romano during her tenure at Illinois.

The Renée Romano Student Leadership Scholarship is supported by student Affairs alumni and staff, and in part by Esther Caldwell and Ruth Caldwell Hussey Fund in honor of Vice Chancellor Romano.