Summer History Courses

Please see the attached flyers for information on history courses being offered this summer. You have options of online (IL History), on campus (HIST 174, HIST 100), and in Chicago!


HIST 174: Black America, 1619-Present (Hist & Phil Perspect; US Minority Cultures)

HIST 100: Global History, two sections (Hist & Phil Perspect; Western Compartv Cult; Non-Western Cultures)

JS 300: Jewish Chicago (Meets at the Newberry Library in Chicago; we expect this to be cross-listed with history)

HIST 273: Illinois History (Hist & Phil Perspect)


Here’s a message for you from Prof. Rabin about her course:

Will you be in Chicago or its suburbs this summer? Are you looking for an upper level course to take while you are home?

Please consider enrolling in Jewish Chicago! The course will be taught in summer I (May 16-June 11). We will meet at the Newberry Library and on excursions throughout the city. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you’d like to see the syllabus.

Warm wishes,

Dana Rabin

Associate Professor, Department of History


And, more info about the HIST 100 section on Islam:

Topic: The Global Islamic World, 1250-1875

In this course we will study the Muslim world from the Mongol Conquest in the thirteenth century until the nineteenth which ushered in a modern Islamic community. Though typically the early modern period is studied as one of exploration, colonization and imperial state centralization, this is also the time of a global Islamic community. The spread of Islam not only resulted in a changing global religious community, but also accompanied the spread of trade networks, political systems and culture. However, by 1800, growing European colonial and imperial powers changed the Islamic landscape from Indonesia through India to the Ottoman lands in the Middle East and Europe and finally to North Africa. This course will focus on how the Muslim World became a global phenomenon touching and changing almost all early modern societies from Indonesia to Spain. 

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Wendy Mathewson

Academic Advisor


Department of History

University of Illinois

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