New GEOG classes for fall

As fall registration continues, I wanted to draw your attention to two new courses in the Department of Geography and GIS. The first, GEOG 221, Geographies of Global Conflict, will be useful for students interested in international politics and territorial conflicts who are looking for a Social Sciences course at the 200 level. (It’s an upgraded version of GEOG 110, so students who have taken that course cannot receive credit for this one as well.) It’s also cross-listed as GLBL 221.


The second course, GEOG 484, Cities, Crime, and Space, is an extremely timely course. It covers issues of policing, crime mapping, perceptions of safety and crime, disparate experiences of racial and ethnic minorities, and how the spatial structures of U.S. cities influence all of these. Dr. Brian Jefferson’s research is in this field, and students who took this course when it was offered as a topics class had very positive things to say about him and the course.



Julie Cidell


Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Department of Geography & GIS

University of Illinois