2nd 8-Week Humanities Gen Ed on Sustainability open to your students

2nd 8-Week Humanities Gen Ed on Sustainability

Grand Challenge Learning: Experience, Learn, and Create to Understand Real World Problems


  • Meets Gen Ed Requirement for Literature and the Arts (Humanities)
  • Focus on sustainability, one of the most important challenges facing communities, nations, and the world.
  • Learn from some of the best teachers on campus and enjoy a small classroom community where you can ask questions and get hands-on experience.
  • Course begins on March 14 and runs through the end of the semester.

GCL 128b: Fictions of Sustainability: Food, Water, Energy

“Sustainability” may seem like it’s all about science but as human beings, we learn to act on our environment through experiences that shape our relation to the natural world.  In this class we think about how stories help us to explore these connections to food, water, and energy. Turning the campus into our lab and our readings into inspiration, we will source meals and embark on field trips.  We will read memorable works of literature from different parts of the world including popular dystopic fiction (“cli-fi”).


Meets on: TR 12:30-2:20 PM in 111 Speech & Hearing Sciences.

Professor: Gillen D’Arcy Wood


Alaina Pincus, PhD

Project Manager

Grand Challenge Learning

Editor, ABOPublic

English Department

University of Illinois