New INFO 490 course for SP2015: DIY with Galileo Development Boards

Informatics has just added a new seminar course for spring- please bring it to the attention of your juniors and seniors, especially those students in computer science, engineering, and  industrial design! The description is below and I have also included a flyer.
INFO 490 section JT – DIY with Galileo Development Boards (CRN 62684) – taught by John Toenjes
This seminar for engineers, artists, coders, tinkerers, humanists, musicians and dancers and robotics students will focus on learning just what can be done with the Intel® Galileo Gen 2 development and prototyping circuit boards, specifically designed for makers, students, educators, and DIY electronics enthusiasts. The seminar will start with an exploration of the Galileo’s operation and capabilities, as well as discussion of interactive environments. Students will learn to use the Arduino development environment, as well as Linux programming, and hardware modifications, such as attaching sensors for motion tracking, etc.
Student teams will be loaned a Galileo Gen 2 board to build projects with. Projects will hopefully be directed towards students’ other areas of interest, including but not limited to controlling the Internet of Things, creating art in sensor-activated environments, etc. The seminar will end with a final showing of projects built by students centering on the Galileo. Because this is a seminar, learning will be expected to be largely student-motivated and student-driven.
Students must be willing to learn some programming, basic electronics, and aesthetic theory behind interactivity in arts and humanities. Some familiarity with computer programming is a plus, but not required.
This section is open to juniors, seniors and graduate students (Graduate students seeking graduate credit for this course should register in section JTG).  This class will meet in room 2100 NCSA on Mondays from 1-3 pm.
Karin Readel | Coordinator for Informatics Education Programs