Expanded access to diverse surface destinations.

STMD’s Land thurst is about expanded access to diverse surface destinations. The videos in this thrust are about entry, descent, landing and precision landing.

Michelle Munk explains Entry, Descent, Landing, and Precision Landing for the Artemis program in this video. Learn more about Michelle here.

Dr. Zachary Putnam goes into specific details on Planetary Entry, Descent, and Landing. Find out more about Dr. Putnam here.

Dr. Francesco Panerai discusses the heat shield and the 7 minutes of terror of landing on another planet.

Find out more about Dr. Panerai here.

Please Note: Transcripts are only available on the Illinois Space Tech Academy videos. These videos also have closed captioning available in English and Spanish.

Check Your Understanding

Q1 : Entry, Descent, and Landing refers to:
Q2 : Identify all the steps needed for a spacecraft to safely land on a planet.
Q3 : Which of these are areas of focus for Entry, Decent and Landing on Mars?
Q4 : The Entry, Decent, and Landing of which Nasa mission has been referred to as the “7 minutes of Terror”?
Q5 : Select all of the deceleration systems of descent and landing technology used in space missions?

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