Summer Language Programs

The following websites provide information on summer study abroad language programs. CARLA also has information on domestic summer language programs.

Special Information for FLAS students

If you are planning to apply to an overseas summer language program, please consult with the REEEC FLAS Coordinator to ensure that you are applying to an appropriate program. All overseas programs must be approved by the U.S. Department of Education before the FLAS award is finalized. The following criteria are used by USDE in approving programs:

  • Students wishing to study overseas must be at the intermediate or advanced level of language proficiency, unless the language is not available in the United States.
  • Programs must have a minimum of six-weeks of language instruction (there are NO exceptions).
  • Programs at the beginning and intermediate level must have a minimum of 140 hours of instruction.
  • Programs at the advanced level must have a minimum 120 hours of instruction.
  • Programs must provide the equivalent of a full year of academic language study.

Please keep in mind that the FLAS tuition and fee award is only $4,000; approximately $500 in UIUC fees must also be covered. This portion of the award cannot cover any room, board, travel, or miscellaneous expenses. If your program tuition and fees will be more than the award amount, you must have other sources of funding to supplement the FLAS award. This source cannot be personal funds.

For further information or to apply, go to Summer FLAS and Resources or contact Maureen Marshall by phone at (217) 300-1926 or by email at