Faculty Travel Grants


Faculty and librarians affiliated with the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center are eligible to apply for travel grants from the Center. Applications must be submitted on the appropriate REEEC Travel Grant Application Form in advance of travel and include the additional materials noted below. Applications will be reviewed by the REEEC Executive Committee from September through December and from February through May. Individuals are urged to submit their application as early as possible to be assured of the availability of funding. Funding is limited, and awards will be made on a first come, first served basis and limited to one per academic year. Maximum travel rates have been established in order to assist as many Center faculty and librarians as possible.

In addition to the application forms below, a Travel Approval Form needs to be filed with REEEC or your home department AT LEAST ONE WEEK BEFORE TRAVEL. This form is required for reimbursement.

Deadlines: Last day of the month for consideration the following month.

Conference Travel

Members of the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center teaching staff and professional librarians at the Slavic Reference Service affiliated with the Center may apply for conference travel grants of up to $350 for the purpose of presenting papers or participating as a chairperson or discussant on panels. The paper, presentation, or panel must deal substantively with Russia, Eastern Europe, or areas formerly part of the Soviet Union. Please fill out the Conference Travel Assistance Application. Please upload the completed application below at the bottom of this page in our webform and include a copy of a letter or page from the conference program indicating that the applicant’s participation has been confirmed in addition to the REEEC application form. You may also submit this in paper to the REEEC office.

Support for International Faculty Travel

New for 2018-22: REEEC Faculty may apply for travel grants to facilitate participation in international outreach and institutional linkage-building initiatives. Such activities include, but are not limited to, the establishment or maintenance of MOUs with REEE institutions, the forging of scholarly research collaborations, and the building of study abroad or other international curricular endeavors. Two grants of $750 will be made annually.

To apply, fill out theInternational Outreach Travel Application. Please upload the completed application below in our webform and include a (1–2 page) description of the outreach or institutional linkage-building project, and a detailed budget for the proposed travel. Please note that international travel must be approved by the Department of Education at least 1 month prior to the purchase of tickets. You may also submit a hard copy of the application form to the REEEC office.

Deadline: January 15, 2020.


NB: Graduate students are not eligible for international travel assistance.

Faculty Travel Grants
Please choose one. Submit one webform per application.
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Max file size is 24 MB.
Max file size is 24 MB.
Max file size is 24 MB. A brief (1–2 page) description of the research project, a list of the sources to be consulted, and a detailed budget for the proposed travel
Max file size is 24 MB. If not included in additional materials document.