The People, Christianity, and Monarchy 1640-1660

The People, Christianity, and Monarchy 1640-1660

The English Civil Wars 1640-1660 by Blair Worden, in my opinion provided clear facts for the historian. First, I enjoyed how Blair, gives you a disclaimer, “Professional historian’s nowadays delight in the complexity and density of the subject to which this book offers an introduction.” In other words, there will be a vast of topics to cover, so get ready.

Ye,t the argument of religion, I think was properly placed. I think, Worden would argue that, everywhere in (1640-1660) Europe, religion was a major debate. Worden has stated, “The proper place of religion in English foreign policy was a divisive issue, with which the debate on the future of the English Church was embroiled.”  In other words, religion was so profound, during the mid-17th century, that foreign policy was a major issue discussed, which was coupled with such matters of theology or religion.

Also, Blair touches on salvation and the arguments which have ensued due in part to defining salvation P.79). Yet, Charles I would never really see his visions fulfilled as he was executed, doing away with his head.

The whole idea of cutting of the kings head is very impressionable, to say the least. I mean England must have felt a sense of new begging’s; especially given Cromwell’s Army, his leadership, and his oration skills. Yet, it was the “peoples” voice who he represented. (p.104)

Also, I found very interesting the conversation about Eikon Basilike ((the Kings Book (p.105)). The reason behind my interest, is because it became a bestseller, or in other words, in the public large interest was gained; and I wonder how many were truly happy to see a new monarch and how many were opposed? For that question’s answer, I will re-examine our text book in the sources and debates.

In closing, Blair Worden’s book, I felt, put me right up and close, with Charles I and his removal from the crown by his decapitation. Yet, Worden contextualizes the events of the English Civil Wars, and I found great use in reading his work.

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