2023 Partnership for Future Semiconductor Technologies

Electronic circuit board close up.

We are witnessing exponential growth in technologies such as generative AI, cloud computing, and big data, all of which rely on semiconductor chips. Advanced manufacturing and packaging technologies promise to play a decisive role in delivering faster and more energy-efficient computation, communication, and data storage. As part of the CHIPS and Science Act, it is anticipated that beginning in Summer 2023, there will be many new funding opportunities to help meet the challenges of future chip technologies.

Thank you to everyone who registered, attended, and engaged in the successful, in-person workshop held in downtown Chicago on July 13, 2023. There were engaging conversations and robust information exchange between various interest groups across academia, industry, and government experts. This workshop has only just begun to establish a new vision for future technologies and created strong networks & partnerships for future collaborative work in semiconductors and microelectronics. If you want to participate in this collaborative network, please visit the https://grainger.illinois.edu/research/microelectronics-semiconductors to get connected and involved.