Intersectionality within the Sciences Reading Group

Have you ever questioned how gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, and disabilities play into STEM? Come to our Reading Group affiliated with the Science Policy Group. Introducing readings from critical race theory and feminism, we will examine how the inclusion and exclusion of marginalized groups shape STEM education and scientific policy-making. Open to both undergraduates and graduate students, participants need no background in social sciences or cultural studies. Starting September 12, we will have bimonthly meetings every second and fourth Tuesday of the month to discuss the readings.  For more information, including the reading group schedule, visit the Science Policy Group Reading Group website.

  • 5:30-6:30 pm in the Asian American Cultural Center conference room
  • September 12th
  • September 26
  • October 10
  • October 24
  • November 14
  • November 28