Graduate Students

Name Year Thesis Current Position
John Paul Yu, MD/PhD 2001-2006 “Structure and function of Lantibiotic Biosynthesis and Immunity” Assistant Professor: Department of Radiology, University of Wisconsin, USA
Michael Lasker, MD/PhD 2001-2006 “Structural and Biochemical Studies of the Innate Immune Pathway” Surgeon: University of California at Davis Medical Center
Yaozhong Zou, PhD 2003-2008 “Structural Studies of Enzymes Involved in Drug Resistance and Antibiotic Biosynthesis” Postdoc with Brian Kobilka, HHMI/Stanford; Permanent address: Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Brian Bae, PhD 2005-2009 “Structural Studies of Archaeal DNA Replication.” Postdoc with Seth Darst, Rockefeller University
Zhi Li, PhD 2008-2012 “Structural Studies on the Biosynthesis and Biological Functions of Natural Products.” Postdoc with Hening Lin, HHMI/Cornell; Permanent address: Bristol-Myers Squibb
Vinayak Agarwal, PhD 2007-2012 “Structural studies of enzymes involved in antibiotic resistance and phosphonate degradation” Helen Hay-Whitney postdoc with Brad Moore, UCSD, Scripps; Asst. Prof: Georgia Tech 2017-on
Neha Garg, PhD 2008-2013 “Exploring and Understanding Lantibiotic Biosynthesis” Postdoc with Pieter Dorrestein, UCSD; Asst. Prof: Georgia Tech 2017-on
Yue Hao, PhD 2010-2015 “Studies of Tailoring Enzymes Involved in Ribosomal Peptide Synthesis” Postdoctoral fellow at Amgen, Cambridge MA
David Park, PhD 2012-2016 “Structural and Biochemical Studies on Enzymes Involved in Natural Product Biosynthesis and Cellular Respiration” Instructor of Biology at Ferrum College
Jon Chekan, PhD 2012-2016 “Biochemical and Structural Studies on Proteins Involved in the Production of Natural Products and Degradation of Polysaccharides” Postdoc with Brad Moore, UCSD, Scripps;
Nektaria Petronikolou, PhD 2013-2018 “Structural and Biochemical Studies of Enzymes Involved in the Biosynthesis of Value-added Products” Postdoc with Danica Fujimori, UCSF


Name Year Current Position
Houjin Zhang, PhD 2006-2009 Professor, Huazhong Univ. of Sci and Tech, PRC
Jui-Hui Chen, PhD 2009-2012 Scientist, Academia Sinica, PRC
Tom Graham, MD/PhD 2008-2010 Dermatologist, Carle Hospital, USA
Tiit Lukk, PhD 2010-2013 Senior Scientist, Tallinn Univ. of Technology, Estonia
Jaigeeth Devershetty, PhD 2012-2014 Researcher, NASA Institute for Astrobiology, USA