Schedule-Fall 2023

Course Reader (.pdf) [Last updated 8/19/2023, 4:40 pm]

WeekLecture/Lab DateTopicMPLink
1C1Aug-22, TueOverview, State Machines, Safety AnalysisMP0 Safety outslides
C2Aug-24, ThuEnd-to-end Safety 1
Automata, executions, requirements, safety, Post, invariance

L1Aug-25, FriLab
Introductions, Team Formation, MP0 Walkthrough
2C3Aug-29, TueEnd-to-end Safety 2
Invariance, inductive invariants, applications.
C4Aug-31, ThuPerception basics
Linear filtering, convolution, de-noising
MP1 Lane detection outslides
L2Sept 1, FriLab
MP1 Walkthrough
Sept 4, MonLabor day
3C5Sept-5, TuePerception 2
Edge detection, image gradients, recognition, classification
C6Sept 7, ThuPerception 3, recognition
L3Sept 8, FriLabMP0 due
4C7Sept-12, TueControl 1
ODEs, Vehicle Models

C8Sept-14, ThuControl 2
PID Control, Linear Systems, State Feedback
MP2 Vehicle control outnotes

L4Sept 15, FriLab
MP2 Walkthrough
5C9Sept-19, TueLab Visit Field Trip
C10Sept-21, ThuControl 3
Stability, Lyapunov theory, invariance
L5Sept 22, FriLabMP1 due
6C11Sept-26, TueControl Review
Software project overview

R1Sept-28, ThuReview session
L6Sept 29, FriLab
7M1Oct 3, TueMidterm 1
C12Oct-5, ThuFiltering Intro
Intro, background, Bayes filter
L7Oct 6, FriLabMP2 due
8C13Oct-10, TueFiltering Continued
Bayes filter, histogram filter, grid localization
C14Oct-12, ThuFiltering Continued
Particle filter and monte carlo localization
MP3 Filtering and localization outslides
L8Oct 13, FriLab
MP3 Walkthrough
9C15Oct 17, TueFiltering Misc. Topics, Kalman Filter and SLAM, overwiew
Uninformed search
C16Oct-19, ThuPlanning
Uniform search
L9Oct 20, FriLab
10P1Oct-24, TuePitch Presentation1
P2Oct-26, ThuPitch Presentation2
L10Oct 27, FriLabMP3 due
11C17October 31, TuePlanning 2
Greedy search, A*, hybrid A*,
Sampling-based, RRT, RRT*
C18Nov-2, ThuPlanning 3
Greedy search, A*, hybrid A*,
Sampling-based, RRT, RRT*
L11Nov 3, FriLab
12C19Nov-7, TueReviewNotes
C20Nov-9, ThuGuest Lecture
P3Nov 10, FriCourse wrap-up
Intermediate check-in
13M2November 14, TueMidterm 2
P4Nov-16, ThuNo Lecture
Nov 21, Tue
Fall Break
Nov 23, Thu
Fall Break
Nov 24, Fri
Fall Break
14P5Nov-28, TueCourse wrap-up
Intermediate check-in
P6Nov-30, ThuProject Presentations
P7Dec-1, Fri
P8Dec 5, TueProject Presentations; last day of classes
Dec 10, SunFinal date for video uploads
Dec 21, ThuDeadline for grades upload