SACNAS Invited Speaker 2020: Prof. Benjamin Garcia – University of Pennsylvania

SACNAS Invited Speaker 2020 – Dec 3rd & 4th 12 pm CT

We are excited to announce Professor Benjamin Garcia of the University of Pennsylvania as the 2020 SACNAS Invited Speaker! Join us December 3rd and 4th @ 12pm CT as Prof. Garcia gives two seminars on the current research in his lab and his career through academia. Zoom details are below the poster.

December 3, 2020 Seminar

    Please click this URL to join. https://illinois.zoom.us/s/89523761693?pwd=Nk1tTFFzeUFiL1ROaFJJMzNxZW8zQT09

    Passcode: 345440

December 4, 2020 Seminar

    Please click this URL to join. https://illinois.zoom.us/s/83142105448?pwd=ZGpHOXZPTXJuK2IwM1l5WEROdFZZZz09

 Passcode: 764840

2019-2020 Board Members

As we are entering the new school year, we’d like to congratulate and welcome our new board members for 2019-2020!

President: Edzna Garcia Ramirez

Vice President: Isamar Pastrana-Otero

Secretary: Raul Sun Han Chang

Treasurer: Ephraim Morado

Webmaster: Gabriela Ibarra

Cena y Ciencias Coordinator: Zully Perez-Sierra

Graduate Liason: Jazmin Aguilar-Romero

Undergraduate Liason: Alondra Sanchez

Seminar feat. Prof. Luis Echegoyen

Please join us as we welcome our special guest, Prof. Luis Echegoyen, to U of I!

Prof. Luis Echegoyen will give two talks on his visit: A seminar of his research, “Fullerene Nanocontainers that Stabilize Unusual Atoms and Clusters Inside”, and an informal talk directed towards students.

There will be opportunities for having breakfast and lunch with Prof. Echegoyen, as mentioned in chapter emails.

Hope to see you there!


Dinner with SACNAS

Hey all! We will have our February group dinner on Feb. 22, 2019 will be held at Lai Lai Wok at 6:30pm! Please let us know if you will like to join us!
We will meet at the Union at 6:30pm so we can walk over as a group to the restaurant, or just meet up there at the restaurant!
Lai Lai Wok address: 402 E Green St, Champaign, IL 61820
We hope to see you there!
please RSVP here! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PD9el1P4HY5B-rOxxKm-tR4KNiErb0deIFzqv4m1oV8