SPP Freeware

Our new SPP freeware is available! Our MATLAB-based freeware package was designed for analyzing LAOS responses according to the Sequence of Physical Processes (SPP) method [details found here and here], but can be applied to a wide range of time-dependent flows. Included in the package is a manual, example data sets, and all required m-files. We will provide all required support for problem-free use.

Our SPP analysis is now also available in the R package oreo. It is available here.

An example of the visual output is shown below for the Giesekus model for polymeric suspensions. The code will provide a standard set of figures including

  • The elastic and viscous Lissajous figures
  • Cole-Cole plot of the transient SPP moduli
  • Lissajous plot of the derivatives of the SPP moduli
  • Lissajous plots of the speed at which the Cole-Cole plots are traversed

In addition to creating figures, the code will also automatically generate all necessary data files for you to manipulate all SPP metrics according to your goals.

For your copy of the SPP software, contact Prof. Rogers.