Impact of Distiller Grain and Genetics on Beef Quality

Project:Impact of Distiller Grain and Genetics on Beef Quality

Agency:C-FAR FY08: External competitive awards program

PI:Berger, L

Co-PIs:Faulkner, D., Beever, J.,Rodriguez-Zas, S. L., Loor, J., Kiellefer, J.

Award Number:08E-019-3



  1. Do genetic evaluation of Angus bulls that are widely used in the industry in purebred and crossbreeding programs. We will measure all standard performance measures and add the unique measurements of individual feed intake, feed efficiency, residual feed efficiency (RFI), and tenderness.
  2. Evaluate the influence of RFI on subsequent performance of heifer calves.
  3. Develop a resource of the database and DNA (blood) on all of the calves. This resource will be used to solicit funding from other agencies to identify and/or verify genetic markers.