Identification and Characterization of Proproteins in Livestock

Project: Identification and Characterization of Proproteins in Livestock

Agency:USDA CSREES (Hatch)

PI: Rodriguez-Zas, Sandra.

Accession Number: 0210835

Project Number: ILLU-538-311



NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: The major influence that neuropeptides have on multiple traits of agricultural importance including growth, production, reproduction, health and well-being and the complexity of precursor processing motivate us to propose a comprehensive bioinformatics study of prohormone precursor cleavage in livestock mammalian species. OBJECTIVES: Neuropeptides support neural communication and influence critical physiological processes, however many are not well-studied in several livestock species. The overarching goal is to provide a public and comprehensive resource of livestock neuropeptides. We will integrate available precursor genes and protein sequences across species with genome information and bioinformatics approaches to confirm and predict unreported neuropeptides. These novel neuropeptide predictions can be used for targeted and effective experimental confirmation. The objectives are: Objective 1. Compile a list of known and homology-predicted precursor genes and gene products and annotate all confirmed neuropeptides. Objective 2. Train and test bioinformatic approaches to predict precursor cleavage and neuropeptides. Objective 3. Develop a public and comprehensive database of livestock precursor genes and gene products with neuropeptide predictions supported by bioinformatic tools. APPROACH: The procedures to accomplish the three objectives include: 1) Compile a list of known neuropeptide genes in livestock and related species. 2) Identify neuropeptide genes in the livestock genomes available. 3) Evaluate complementary classification approaches to predict cleavage including logistic regression and neural networks using the data compiled in objectives 1 and 2. 4) Apply top performing bioinformatics approaches to predict previously unreported neuropeptides and confirm known neuropeptides. 5) Create a web-based searchable database of annotated livestock neuropeptide genes and peptides.


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