Welcome to the US National Chicago Robotics Roadmap Workshop!

About Robotics Roadmap

The US National Robotics Roadmap was first created ten years ago. It has since been used by government agencies, universities and companies as a reference about where robotics is going. The first roadmap was published 2009, then revised 2013 and 2016. The objective is to publish the 4th version of the roadmap by summer 2020. The revision process is being coordinated by Henrik Christensen, UCSD.

The objective is to engage about 150-200 people from academia and industry to ensure that the roadmap is representative of the community’s view of where robotics is going. The roadmap will cover manufacturing, service, medical, first-responder, and space robotics. The revised roadmap will also include considerations related to ethics and workforce. It will cover emerging applications, the key challenges to progress, and consideration of needed R&D to enable progress.

The Chicago Robotics Roadmap workshop is one of three 1.5 day workshops that will be organized for community input to the roadmap. The fall 2019 workshops include:

  • Sept 11-12 in Chicago (organized by Nancy Amato, UIUC)
  • Oct 17-18 in LA (organized by Maja Mataric, USC)
  • Nov 15-16 in Lowell (organized by Holly Yanco, UMass Lowell)

Participation in the workshop is by invitation only. Participants submitted white papers addressing  key use-cases for robotics in a 5-10 year perspective, key limitations, and what R&D is needed in a 5-10 year perspective. Workshop participants will work together to generate a report that will be the basis for a synthesis of a new roadmap. The nominal timeline is:

  • August 2019 – Call for white papers
  • Sep – Nov 2019 – Workshops
  • Dec 2019 – Workshops reports finalized
  • Jan 2020 – Synthesis meeting @ UC San Diego
  • Feb 2020 – Publish draft roadmap for community feedback
  • Apr 2020 – Revision of roadmap based on community feedback
  • May 2020 – Finalize roadmap with graphics design, …
  • July 2020 – Publish roadmap

Questions about the revision process can be addressed to Henrik Christensen.

Workshop Host

Nancy M. Amato

Abel Bliss Professor and Head
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2232 Siebel Center
201 N. Goodwin Ave., Urbana IL 61801

Please contact Nancy Amato with questions about workshop agenda and goals: namato@illinois.edu