The RoboDesign Lab has been awarded with $1.2M to create the next generation of dynamic humanoid robots

The RoboDesign Lab has been awarded with $1.2M by NSF’s NRI 3.0 program to develop a design framework to create the next generation of dynamic humanoid robots. The project is led by Prof. Ramos and in a collaboration with Prof. Patrick Wensing from the University of Notre Dame, Prof. Donghyun Kim from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Prof. Justin Yim, who is joining UIUC in January 2023. The project will create the open-source humanoid robot Dash, designed to be highly athletic but also accessible to other research groups. Stay tuned!

Three papers accepted to IEEE/RSJ IROS 2022!

Our papers:

Hybrid LMC: Hybrid Learning and Model-based Control for Wheeled Humanoid Robot via Ensemble Deep Reinforcement Learning” 2022

Tello Leg: The Study of Design Principles and Metrics for Dynamic Humanoid Robots” 2022. Video:

Hands-free Telelocomotion of a Wheeled Humanoid toward Dynamic Mobile Manipulation via Teleoperation” 2022. Video:

will be presented at IEEE/RSJ IROS 2022 in Kyoto!

Congratulations, Marty, Donghoon, and Youngwoo!

Google Gift 2021

Our lab is honored to receive a gift from Google to investigate the development of a high performance haptic device for telemanipulation. The project is entitled “A high-force haptic device for whole-body Power Manipulation with humanoid robots”