What to Prepare

What to Prepare

Rising Stars 2019 offers a variety of opportunities to workshop and present many components of the job application portfolio. All of the sessions and activities are designed to be constructive environments where participants can receive feedback on their job portfolio materials no matter where they are at in their job search process. Please prepare/bring the following materials:


  • Research Poster: Participants should bring a printed research poster (recommended size 36×48″). All participants will present their research poster at one of the workshop poster sessions. Participants have been assigned to poster sessions, and assignments will be shared with participants. Easels and backing boards will be provided for all participants. If you would prefer not to travel with your poster, contact Dixon Graphics. Email them a PDF of your poster ASAP but no later than 5:00 pm on Monday, and they will be able to print and deliver your poster to the appropriate Rising Stars Poster Session. Rates are $51 for 24×36” and $86 for 36×48”. This cost will not be covered by Rising Stars. If you choose to go this route, please take the following steps
    • Start your online order at Dixson Graphics: https://www.dixongraphics.com/
    • In the Project Description, say “Rising Stars Participant-Research Poster” and tell them which poster session you are in.
    • List “Bruce” as your contact
  • Job Talk Start: The workshop will offer four job talk start sessions. During these sessions, participants will present the first 8 minutes of their job talk to receive feedback from faculty mentors and participants. The job talk should introduce the participant and provide an overview of their research and contributions to the field. Job Talk Start sessions will be video recorded, and videos will be provided to all participants after the conclusion of the workshop. Participants have been assigned to Job Talk groups, which will be shared via email.


  • 90-second research summary. Participants will have the opportunity to record their summary in the Illinois Computer Science video lab and/or compete in the Research Summary Pitch Competition.
  • Other materials: Participants can also sign up for mentoring on their Curriculum Vitae teaching, research, and diversity statements. Participants who choose mentoring on these topics should also bring a copy of these with them.