September 2020 – May 2021 – Posture Alert System (Senior Design Project)
Purpose: Develop a pressure sensor matrix cushion to detect if the user is sitting with correct posture using machine learning
My Role: Conducted background research, created workflow, and managed discord server; responsible for website backend
Other Creators: Nabeel SaudShaan KalolaDisha Bailoor
Advisor: Anand Sarwate

November – December 2020 – Secure Voting
Purpose: Work as a group of 11 people to design a secure, online voting system
My Role: Implemented the encryption of the voting text file using AES CBC mode and developed RSA keys for each user and the server
Language: Python
Class: Introduction to Cryptography, Rutgers University

June 2020 – MedHERO
Purpose: Created a tool to allow people to track their medications, symptoms, and auto-detected side-effects
My Role: Created the website with Django; set up forms for user to input the medications they are taking and to log side-effects, symptoms, and medication taken; developed the graphical view of the logs using ZingChart; created the PowerPoint presentation and ReadMe Document
Tools Implemented: Django, Bootstrap, Open FDA, SQLite, ZingChart
Language: Python, html, css, javascript
Links: Presentation, GithubDevpost
Other Creators: Nabeel Saud
Hackathon: DefHacks2020 (Virtual)

May/June 2020 – Climbing Wall
Purpose: Build a rock-climbing wall in my backyard for training
My Role: Researched designs, measured boards, cemented polls, painted wood, worked on construction, designed routes
Other Creators: Anja Loeser-Golm
Dates: May 14- June 13, 2020

Spring 2020 – Computer Assisted Card Game Mat
Purpose: Created a tool to assist visually impaired people in playing board and card games
My Role: Implemented the detection of cards using TensorFlow’s Object Detection Library; co-created the idea for the project with fellow junior Nabeel Saud; researched the social need application for our product; served as a team leader by dividing tasks and organizing meetings
Tools Implemented: Tensorflow, OpenCV, Solidworks, NVIDIA GPU
Language: Python
Other Creators: Nabeel SaudKriston SagarinoSachin MathewAli Hamza
Class: Honors Design and Development, Rutgers University
Dates: January 2020 – May 2020

February 2020 – HackHeros
Award: Best Use of Google Cloud Products
Purpose: Develop an application that matches the user to a superhero by their emotions to help people destress from midterms
My Role: Implemented the face and emotion detection using Google Vision API, created superhero emotion database, and developed app to match the user image to a superhero in the database and crop their face onto the hero
Tools Implemented: Google Cloud Platform, OpenCV, Pandas Dataframe
Language: Python
Links: GithubDevpost
Other Creator: Nabeel SaudRiya Tayal
Hackathon: HackHERS, New Brunswick, NJ
Dates: February 22-23th, 2020

March 2019 –
Award: 2nd Best Overall Hack awarded by MLH
My Role: Created a website using Joomla; hosted the site on Google Cloud Platform; connected the website to its domain from
Purpose: Create a centralized platform for city projects enabling greater communication and unity of various departments
Other Creator: Shivani Vyas
Hackathon: Hackital, Washington, DC
Dates: March 22-24th, 2019

March 2019 – Mentor Match
Award: Best use of Google Cloud Platform, Wolfram Top 15 Teams Award
Purpose: Find mentorship to increase academic and professional success
My Role: Sign up/Login authentication with Firebase; chat function to message matches, data stored in Firebase
Tools Implemented: Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, Android Studio
Links: Github, Devpost
Other Creator: Shivani Vyas
Hackathon: Hack RPI, Troy, NY
Dates: March 16-17th, 2019

February 2019 – Club Organizer
Award: Best Hack by Douglass Women
Purpose: Create a centralized platform for Clubs
My Role: Developed sign in using the QR code generator API and QR scanning with google zxing
Tools Implemented: Android Studio, Realm Database, QR code generator API, QR scanner API
Links: Github, Devpost
Other Creator: Shivani Vyas
Hackathon: HackHERS, New Brunswick, NJ
Dates: February 16-17, 2019