Research Principles*

Architectural research either nests into any of these four categories or makes connections between them. All research around architecture requires a rigorous process. By following rigorous discipline, outcomes from research—whether is it artifact, paper, book, prototypes, or any other format—can share knowledge with others and produce new knowledge. For this reason, the Responsive Architecture Lab follows four principles to ensure the integrity of our research and the scholarly value of its outcomes.

  • A discipline must understand and explain its basic epistemology.
  • A discipline must codify it beliefs and values through the creation of a written document or framework.
  • A discipline must practice within its self-generated framework.
  • A discipline must promote its knowledge through appropriate venues.

*MATT POWERS, “Toward a Discipline-Dependent Scholarship,” Journal of Architectural Education, Vol. 61, No. 1, (Sep., 2007), pp. 15-18