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Member Award for James E. Simon Fund, School of Architecture, College of Fine and Applied Art, UIUC

TITLE: Advanced stud system design and installation

The project aims to support the ongoing wind pavilion project, which is intended to provide both shelter and generate electricity. The goal of this specific project is to design and construct the supporting structure for the pavilion.

This project utilizes advanced computational design tools to design and build a complex structure with CNC roll-formed steel studs. In collaboration with STUD-IO (, the project will manufacture a customized stud system to structurally support the wind pavilion.

Computation tools will be used to analyze each angle of the pavilion panels and find the custom size of structural studs. This customized design will be passed to a CNC roll-forming machine to manufacture each stud.


Member Award for Binfield Endowment, School of Architecture, College of Fine and Applied Art, UIUC

TITLE: Developing a dynamic shading system and evaluating its performance through advanced daylight modeling

The research involves investigating the temperature responsiveness of Nitinol coil springs and developing a method to incorporate them into commercially available window blinds through a responsive shading system. This system will allow the blinds to spontaneously rotate open at higher temperatures and return to their initial position when the temperature decreases, with the aim of improving indoor daylight levels for occupant health and wellbeing.

Energy Models for Campus Facilities

As the iCAP 2020 says, “Using information gathered from capital projects, faculty members and researchers can collaborate with F&S to develop a reference database of calibrated energy models for campus buildings. This might be the product of student classroom projects. The campus could then use these models to prioritize building retrofits and determine the preferred level of improvements (i.e., envelope versus mechanicals) for each building.” (Page 41).

There are energy models provided to Facilities & Services during the regular Capital Programs process, and there are students and researchers who work with energy models and create energy models.  In 2021, the Energy iCAP Team recommended that F&S and Professor Yun Yi in the School of Architecture work together to create additional energy models for campus buildings.

TIE for Rhino

TIE ( Tensegrity Integration Element) for Rhino is a tool to design tensegrity structure system.

Tensegrity structure is composed by cable and strut. The cable of the structure is under tension and the structs are under compression.

Among Tensegrity structure system, Simplex and Rhombic system, were chosen to develop for this tool.

TIE is developed by RAL Team (Zhanpeng Liu and Professor Yun Kyu Yi)



Ass. professor Yun Kyu Yi and Lecturer Bhujon Kang on receiving an iSEE’s Living Lab Research Seed Fund

Professor Yun Kyu Yi and Lecturer Bhujon Kang on receiving an Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE)’s Living Lab Research Seed Fund!

The project is to build a pavilion using a CNC and robotic arm that can be a renewable energy source.

Campus as a Living Laboratory: Research, Campus Sustainability Working Together


The title of the paper is “Building facade multi-objective optimization for daylight and aesthetical perception”

The paper is about developing qualitative performance measure and using Multi-objective optimization to find a high-performance design in both qualitative and quantitative.

Here is the link for 50 days’ free access to the paper.