Fostering Responsible Conduct of Research in Time of Crisis

Virtual Conference | October 14-15, 2020

Fostering Responsible Conduct of Research in Time of Crisis is a two day virtual free conference which explores how research is rapidly evolving in response to the pandemic health crisis through the critical lens of research integrity. This conference was created by the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) as a commitment to utilizing best practices and applications of Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) education in this evolving environment. 

All Research Integrity Educators, Research Administrators and Leaders of Research Excellence affiliated with the BTAA are invited to join us in a conversation about the changing landscape of research ethics. We will discuss the foundational values and collectively define specific actions our institutions can implement to meaningfully improve the integrity of our campus research now and through future crises. Plenary talks will be recorded and made available online as an open resource after the conference under Resources

The purpose of the conference is to address the following objectives:

  • Share lessons learned and achieve a common understanding and application of evolving RCR principles
  • Ensure incorporation of evolving principles into research environments by creating intentional cultures of excellence for safe and robust scientific inquiry
  • Develop best practices of research integrity in an ever evolving environment of rapid research to address current crises
  • Apply principles for building, fostering, and maintaining cultures of excellence for robust and optimum research environments
  • Learn and apply best practices for ever changing collaborations in which physical distancing is the norm
  • Apply best practices to ensure environments for rigor and reproducibility are the norm instead of an ideal

Intended Audience

Any individuals at BTAA institutions are welcome to attend and participate in this free conference. This conference is intended to build upon themes to give you a comprehensive professional development experience, which may also partially fulfil RCR education requirements of federally-funded grants. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows on NIH grants, specifically T32 educational training, will find participation beneficial. Recordings of plenary talks will be made available online as an open resource after the conference under Resources

What to Expect?

This virtual interactive conference is designed for two full days. We will use the Zoom platform, and a link will be provided to Registered Participants. Here are some logistics: 

  • Plenty of screen breaks are included throughout the conference for attendees to stay engaged and get the most out of the research integrity discussions. 
  • We will have interactive feedback during the conference using a separate closed forum using Google Documents.
  • We plan to incorporate Zoom polls for engagement, and will utilize breakout sessions for discussion.
  • Further details will be posted and sent to participants before the conference

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)