The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation (OVCRI) provides leadership and oversight for research at Illinois. In addition to overarching planning, policy development, and management, the OVCRI provides guidance for portfolio units and works to promote coordination, lead change, and ensure modern and compliant processes and professional services.

We Do This by

  • Promoting and enabling excellence in existing and emerging research programs.
  • Supporting and operating administrative structures required for our research enterprise.
  • Overseeing the efforts of the campuswide interdisciplinary research institutes.

The campuswide interdisciplinary research institutes, administrative and compliance units, and other units that report to the OVCRI have their own unique, but complementary, missions. The research units in the OVCRI portfolio are among those with the highest profile on campus, and they both conduct ground-breaking research and provide critical support and resources.

On a Day-to-Day Basis, Such Activities Include

  • Pursuing big-picture research questions that affect the quality of life for people around the world through work in campuswide interdisciplinary research institutes.
  • Providing funding for new initiatives and emerging ideas.
  • Ensuring the safety of people and animals associated with university research.
  • Overseeing Campus Research Board programs.
  • Ensuring compliance with complex governmental rules.
  • Submitting grants and negotiating research agreements.
  • Many other activities that touch every aspect of the Illinois Research Community.

OVCRI Leadership

Susan Martinis
Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation

Melanie Loots
Chief of Staff, Executive Associate Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation