GOES-16 Rapid Scan Imagery for RELAMPAGO

This incredible 30-second rapid-scan animation from GOES-16 demonstrates the very high spatial and temporal resolution from the Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI). The rapid scan sector was set over north-central Argentina, which includes the city of Córdoba, where it captured some expected severe storms during an active late-summer weather pattern. This region is known to have some of the most extreme storms in the world.

The animation was created with the ABI band 2, its primary visible channel. Many interesting and important features of the near storm environment and convective clouds themselves are readily apparent. Differential motion between the developing thunderstorms and the low level clouds indicates the presence of converging low-level air leading to the rapid development of these storms. Apparent rotation in the boiling cloud tops suggests intense updrafts or vertical motion in these storms. Severe hail was reported with at least one of the storms in the center of the domain around 2130 UTC.

This movie provides a proof of concept for the RELAMPAGO (Spanish for “lightning”) field campaign. RELAMPAGO is an international project set for 2018-2019, whose goal is to study high impact weather and hydrometeorological extremes in central Argentina. It will also provide additional validation data sets to assess the ABI and Geostationary Lightning Mapper performance. Also of note is this data collection represents our first outside continental US test of the rapid scan capability of ABI on severe local storms.

See more imagery at http://goo.gl/gyieng

Note: GOES-16 data are currently experimental and under-going testing and hence should not be used operationally.