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The pilot proposal Feasibility of virtual reality and brain-computer interface technology for neurorehabilitation of fall-related anxiety in frail older adults, by M. Hernandez (lead), S. LaValle, R. Sowers, and G. Yershova, has been funded by the Collaborations in Healthy Aging Research and Technology program at UIUC.


Midterm Poster for 2017 Spring IGL project on Visual Cliffs, Virtual Reality and Movement Disorders


  • Students (undergraduate students): Martin Bantchev, Shruti Goli, Vivek Kaushik, Anirudh Manoj, Dongjun Seung, Shreya Sharma, Cong ShenShindnes, Haozhe Wang, Jing Wang, Ziying Wang, Yu Wu, Bin Xu
  • Project leaders (graduate students): Rachneet Kaur, Daan Michiels

Co-sponsored by Professor Manuel Hernandez, UIUC Dept. of Kinesiology