Summer 2017


Gabriel Shindnes presented our work at Jupytercon.  Thanks to the Midwest Big Data Hub and


Richard Sowers is awarded an NSF grant I-Corps: Data Analytics for Hand-Picked Agriculture.


Congratulations to Derrek Yager, who has accepted a position as Lecturer in Residence in the Mathematics Department of Bradley University.


Congratulations to Ramakrishnan Narayanan for finishing his M.S. thesis “Exploring image recognition: applying convoluted neural networks and learning to recognize safe cyclists”.


Barcode diagram for speeds in Diamond District

Congestion Barcodes: Exploring the Topology of Urban Congestion Using Persistent Homology by Yu Wu, Gabriel Shindnes, Vaibhav Karve, Derrek Yager, Daniel B. Work, Arnab Chakraborty, and Richard B. Sowers has been accepted to the IEEE 20th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation 


‘A Brain Computer Interface Approach To Examine Changes In Anxiety While Walking In A Virtually Infinite World’, by Rachneet Kaur, Daan Michiels, Vivek Kaushik, Martin Bantchev, Manuel Hernandez, Richard Sowers, accepted as a poster presentation at the 2017 Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting


Congratulations, Derrek Yager, who will be taking a summer internship with the NYC Department of Transportation.


R.S. is a collaborator on a funded Jump/Arches proposal (M. Hernandez and D. Lamichhane are the PI’s) ‘Simulation of postural dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease’.