Congratulations, Hossein Matin, for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis, Asymptotic Behavior of Stochastic Optimal Velocity Dynamical Model.

/ 2021 Fall, News

Congratulations, Marzieh Abolhelm, for successfully defending her Ph.D. thesis, Large scale urban patterns in NYC: traffic prediction and analysis via clustering and low rank approximation.

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Ayse Dogan will be joining our group as Ph.D. student, receiving a Frederick and Rachel Hansen Fellowship

/ 2021 Spring, News

Congratulations, Rachneet Kaur, on being named the Spring 2021 recipient of the Sharp Outstanding Graduate Student Award.

/ 2021 Spring, News

“Designing a closed loop system to achieve real-time evaluation and manipulation of state anxiety while walking in virtual reality” by Siwen Wang, Ryu Okubo, Gekai Liao, Conrad Ku, Richard Sowers, and Manuel E. Hernandez has been accepted for publication at the 10th International IEEE EMBS Conference On Neural Engineering.

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