Vaibhav Karve featured in UIUC Math Times

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R. S. is an invited participant in U.S. Army Vehicle-based Soldier-Autonomy Teaming Meeting.

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Final Poster for 2016 Fall IGL project on Traffic Patterns in Manhattan

  • Students (undergraduate students): Xinyu Liu, Yicheng Pu, Gabriel Shindnes, Ziying Wang, Yu Wu , Zeyu Wu, Dajun Xu
  • Project leaders (graduate students): Vaibhav Karve and Derrek Yager

Co-sponsored by Professor Dan Work, UIUC Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

/ 2016 Fall, IGL, News, Traffic Patterns

Congratulations to Vaibhav Karve, winner of the People’s Choice award at the 2016 Research Live! competition (for work in Traffic Patterns in Manhattan). See the video

/ 2016 Fall, News, Traffic Patterns

R. S. serves on IoT panel in 2016 Research Park Big Data Summit

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