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Welcome to the Opto Neuro Technology (OpNTech) Laboratory directed by Dr. Parijat Sengupta. Research in Sengupta lab is focused on understanding the mechanisms that alter neuronal network signaling efficiency post brain trauma and during neurodegenerative diseases. We are also designing in vitro disease models and novel enabling technologies to investigate subtle alterations in neuronal network equilibrium dynamics caused by mechanical and chemical perturbations. We use synaptically active self-sustaining in vitro networks of neurons and glia as model systems. To measure network signaling, we employ a multi-modal and interdisciplinary approach to probe these networks with optogenetic tools, and measure ensuing effects using multi-electrode electrophysiology (MEE), fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS), calcium imaging of genetically encoded calcium indicators and other analytical tools.

Bioengineering lab group of Parijat Sengupta