Extension Allies

Project Microbe is looking to expand outside of the classroom to a wider audience of educational environments, educators and interested adults.  We will be condensing and focusing materials to make it more broadly accessible and available through the Illinois Extension Network through workshops,  materials for 4-H, and stand alone updates on current advances.

In addition, we are currently recruiting extension allies to partner with University of Illinois undergraduate students in order to generate new summaries of the current literature on two topics 1) the positive impact of good microbes in the human, animal, or plant microbiomes, and 2) stewardship principles for antibiotic use.  We would like to tailor summaries of the current literature generated each year to topics about the unseen microbial universe that would be most interesting, important and accessible to the people in your community.

If you are interested in participating or organizing a project microbe workshop in your area please contact Rachel Whitaker at rwhitaker@life.illinois.edu with the subject heading Extension Ally.