Applications, Open Houses, and Finishing Up Your Fall 2018 Applications

While the fall is a busy time for everyone, if you are currently working on your law school applications for Fall 2018, you should be wrapping things up!
Next steps once your applications are almost done or done:

If you are applying for law school this year to enter into school in Fall 2018, consider attending our “Applying to Law School” Workshop to get any of your last minute questions answered. The event is on Monday October 16 at 4PM in the Illini Union Bookstore Building Room 514. Click here for more information.

If you are still working on your personal statement, attend our “Perfecting Your Personal Statement and Resume for Law School” workshop on Monday October 23 at 4PM in the Illini Union Bookstore Building Room 514. Please register for this event by clicking here so we can ensure we have enough materials and spots for everyone that would like to attend.

Once the Law School Fair is over on Wednesday, you should begin wrapping up your law school applications and registering for open houses and touring schools. Listed below are the open houses or tour opportunities for schools in Illinois.

Open House/Tour Info for Illinois Law Schools 2017-2018

Some schools schedule formal open houses and others require you to choose a date for a visit. Open houses are a great opportunity to visit the campus, sit in on the class, see what the students and professors are like, and a great opportunity to answer all your questions. Here are some options for visits and open houses for Illinois schools:

Please check our Compass page for more information if you are in the process of applying. The information is located in Compass under the “Applying to Law School Folder.”

3 Things To Do Before a Law School Visit or Open House

Once you decide to attend a law school open house or tour, here are a few things you should do.

  1. REGISTER! Make you are following the school’s directions and reserve a spot for the open house or tour.
  2. Dress professionally for the event. Likely the open houses will have a business casual dress code. Tours may be more casual attire, but check with the school and see what they encourage prospective students to wear. You want to make a good first impression!
  3. Read the website and be familiar with the time, date, where to park, and what to bring to the event. Write down any questions you have so you can ask them on the tour or during the visit.

Also, research schools that you are considering out of state. Most schools offer open houses throughout the year and regular tours. Make use of the week off for Thanksgiving break and the long winter break for farther distance trips. Schedule these events early!

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Early Bird Blog for Fall Applicants: Three Tasks to Do Now and This Summer

Fall Law School Applicants – Now is the time to get organized and start preparing your applications for the fall.

Here are three tasks for fall applicants to complete over the summer.

First, request your letters of recommendation NOW.

  1. Who should you ask to submit a LOR on your behalf?
    1. Your letters should be written by professors or supervisors who are both in a position to evaluate your work and capable of expressing enthusiasm about your relevant talents and abilities.
  2. What is the best way to approach a possible letter writer?
    1. Make an appointment with your recommender to discuss your request. Explain your interest in law school and provide helpful information to assist the writer.
    2. This might include a copy of your transcript, a personal résumé that lists academic distinctions and accomplishments, and a copy of your personal statement or an explanation of why you want to attend law school.
    3. You may also wish to provide your grade point average and your LSAT score. If you are unsure as to what the writer needs, ask him or her.
  3. What do I do if I am graduating and planning to apply to law school in a year or two?
    1. Stay in touch with people whom you think would be able to submit a strong LOR on your behalf.
    2. Several of the law schools that require applicants to submit LORs prefer to have at least one of those letters come from faculty, even if you are not coming straight from undergrad to law school.
  4. How does the recommender submit the LOR?
    1. The process is handled through the applicant’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS) account which is set up via the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) website.
    2. Every law school applicant is required to apply to law school through their CAS account. Click on this link to learn more the LOR process.
    3. You can also check out our Compass page for a very helpful handout on this topic.

Second, draft your personal statement.

  1. What is a personal statement?
    1. The personal statement is a 2- to 3-page essay that, when done well, introduces who you are and what unique qualities you bring to the institution while also highlighting your strengths and demonstrating strong writing skills.
  2. Check out Pre-Law Advising Service’s Personal Statement Do’s and Don’ts.
  3. Have someone else take a second look at your personal statement.
    1. Have someone else like a family member, professor, or friend review your personal statement or set up an appointment with one of the Pre-Law Advising Services advisors by calling the PLAS Office at 333-9669.

Third, update your resume.

  1. Pay attention to length.
    1. Some law schools have a strict 1-page limit, while others are flexible. Check the requirements indicated on the application or the school’s website to determine the appropriate length.
  2. Consider the two Rs: recent and relevant.
    1. Ideally, each item on your résumé should be both, but at minimum each item should be recent or highly relevant.
  3. Ask us to review your résumé.
    1. The same process for personal statement reviews applies; please make an appointment by calling 217-333-9669 and email us your résumé 2 business days prior to the appointment. We’ll review it and be prepared to discuss it with you at the appointment time.
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UPDATED December Checklist

It’s now December (can you believe it?) which means that programming is winding down as we turn to finals. What should be on your December checklist so that you can finish the year strong?

December checklist for pre-law students

  • December is a great time to start applying for summer internshipsGo to our Compass page to check out our 20+ page Internship newsletter!
  • This is also a great time to update your resume. Add all of the details of things you did this semester–before you forget. Use the Career Center’s resume resources if you need some pointers.
  • Planning to take the LSAT in 2017? Need a scholarship to afford an LSAT prep class? Apply for our LSAT test prep scholarships!
  • Winter break is a great time to take a baseline practice LSAT. You can find a free practice exam on our Compass page. Make sure that you time yourself!
  • For freshmen and sophomores who are not ready to take the LSAT but want to build LSAT-related skills, check out Khan Academy’s Introduction to Critical Thinking lessons!
  • Take your winter courses seriously. Your GPA is very important to law schools.

December checklist for law school applicants

  • Finish your essays and SUBMIT those applications! We are now at the point that you should not delay.
  • Check your LSAC account to make sure your recommendations are in; if not, follow up again with your recommenders. Note: the LSAC typically closes around the holidays, so you should expect processing delays if submitting at this time.
  • You can still make an appointment (call 333-9669) to review personal statements/optional essays. Pre-Law Advising Services will be closed Dec. 23-Jan.2, reopening for limited appointments from Jan. 3 until spring semester begins.
  • Plan any winter break law school visits. If you are returning home, this could be a good time to visit nearby law schools without making a special trip. Contact the schools to make sure they are open and able to accommodate.
  • Begin looking into scholarship options (like the ones we posted to our Facebook page) and complete your FAFSA as soon as possible.
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Tuesday Tips for Applications – Tip #4

Tip #4 in our series to help you meet the goal of completing law school applications by Thanksgiving!

  • Finish Addenda/Character and Fitness Statement Issues
    1. Addenda are a part of the application, too. An addendum is an optional essay/disclosure to explain weaknesses in your application.
    2. Go to the PLAS Compass page for more specific advice.  Both the “Perfecting Your Personal Statement” and “Character and Fitness” videos (found within the “Applying to Law School” section) provide information to help you decide how to craft this document.
    3. Once you have a working draft, feel free to make an appointment with a pre-law advisor to discuss it. Call 217-333-9669 to schedule an appointment with us. We have the same policy for a written addendum as we do for the personal statement: submit your draft 2 business days prior to your appointment.
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It’s Peak Time for PLAS Appointments – What does that mean for you?

Making PLAS Appointments — A Quick Review

It’s crunch time for many of you as the semester winds down.  And for those of you in the thick of the application process, it is extremely stressful.  At PLAS, our schedules are chock full of personal statement, essay and resume reviews.  Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your meetings with us.

  1. Email us your documents 2 business days in advance! By doing this, you insure that we have time to thoroughly review your personal statement, essay, or resume BEFORE you arrive for your appointment.  This guarantees a much more productive meeting than if you hand us documents as you walk in the door.
  2. Do not send us more than 3 documents for a meeting!  It is virtually impossible to review more than 3 documents in a 30 minute appointment.  Therefore, if you send us more than 3 items, we will only review 3 so don’t do it.  If you have more than 3 documents, set up another appointment to review those documents.
  3. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment time, PLEASE CALL our office to cancel or reschedule!  Because this is our PEAK TIME, when you do not show up for an appointment, you have taken away opportunities for your classmates.  Please be considerate and call the PLAS office if you cannot make your appointment.
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Mark Your Calendars — Week of October 31

Pre-Law Events

Pre-Law 101 Workshop TODAY –  Monday October 31, 3-4pm, 514 Illini Union Bookstore Building

This workshop is designed for incoming students who are new to pre-law or are interested in learning more about it. We will cover: what it means to be pre-law at Illinois; course selection, majors, and extracurriculars; building a pre-law resume; and what law schools are really looking for. We will outline a four year plan to maximize your undergraduate experiences in order to make a great law school candidate. We’ll also take any questions about law school and legal careers. Although registration for this event has closed, we will be able to accommodate students on a first-come, first served basis.  Each Pre-Law 101 session is the same. Incoming students should attend a Pre-Law 101 session prior to setting up an individual pre-law advising appointment.

Personal Statement and Resume Workshop – NEXT Tuesday, November 8, 4-5pm, Room 503, Illini Union Bookstore Building

The personal statement is one of the most difficult yet powerful elements of the law school application. Join us for this workshop, which will cover: What the personal statement is, how to prepare for writing it, and some tips and suggestions for making it reflect an applicant’s strengths. We will also discuss how the personal statement and resume can complement each other to create a stronger law school application. Please click on this link to register so that we can ensure enough seating and materials for everyone.

Great Opportunities This Week Across Campus

Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program — Deadline Wednesday, November 2!

Now in its second year of collaboration, the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) and the Graduate College offer the opportunity for first and second-year undergraduate students (including transfer students) to assist advanced graduate students (those who have completed all coursework requirements and are in the dissertation research stage) with their research projects. Through a one-on-one research experience with their graduate student mentor, undergraduate students will have the opportunity to learn what it means to do research, create knowledge, and produce scholarship. Undergraduate students will begin work with their mentors in Spring 2017.

Undergraduate researchers will be given flexible course credit, at a minimum of 2 (equal to approximately 6 hours per week) and a maximum of 3 credit hours (equal to approximately 9 hours per week). Undergraduate students will attend regular (biweekly, i.e., every other week) class meetings with OUR and Grad College instructors, as well as work one-on-one with their graduate mentors. Students will also complete a final project, consisting of a research poster, to be presented during “Undergraduate Research Week” sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR). For more information, including how to apply, please see the blog on OUR’s webpage – The URL for the blog post is:

Deadline for application is November 2, 2016. Questions may be addressed to:; please put “URAP” in the subject line.

Pre-Law Club and Pre-Law Honors Society Present – Wake Forest University School of Law, NEXT Monday, November 7, 6pm, Lincoln Hall Room 1060

Want to meet law school admissions people and learn more about the stress-inducing personal statement? Wake Forest University School of Law will be coming to deliver a presentation on how to craft a strong personal statement as well as provide tips on how to approach the law school application process.  All pre-law students are welcome so mark your calendars and take advantage of this great opportunity!

The Career Center fall workshop calendar is posted on their website at: If you have not done so already, update your resume, plan your job search or summer internship, and get to know their office and resources. All sessions will be held at the Career Center, 715 S. Wright Street, unless otherwise indicated. Upcoming workshops include:

  • Finding an Internship, Tuesday, November 1, 4 pm
  • Global Career Opportunity: Careers and the UN and International Organizations, Wednesday, November 2, 3-6pm, School of Information Sciences Bldg, Rooms 126 & 131
  • Creating Your Powerful Resume, Wednesday, November 2, 4-5pm
  • Creating Your Powerful Cover Letter, Wednesday, November 2, 5-6pm
  • Translating Your Study Abroad Experiences, Wednesday, November 2, 6-7pm
  • Resume, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn Reviews
    • October 31, 2-4:30pm at the Career Center
    • October 31, 7-9 pm, Undergraduate Library, Consultation Corner
    • November 1, 2-4:30pm at the Career Center
    • November 1, 5:30-7:30, the IKE, Room 1010A
    • November 2, 2-4:30 pm at the Career Center
    • November 2, 7-9pm, Undergrad Library,Consultation Corner
    • November 3 & 4, 2-4:30pm at the Career Center
    • November 6, 4-9pm, Undergrad Library, Consultation Corner

More Career Center events and times are listed on their website.  Click on this link to see what other programs are being offered!

Law School Admissions Events

Save the Date – Midwest Law School Virtual Fair is Wednesday November 9th

Planning to apply to law school in the Midwest?  The Virtual Fair will allow you to have your admissions questions answered by representatives from law schools across the Midwest in this FREE live online event.  Get immediate answers to your pressing questions without the cost of travel.  Only a one-time registration is required to explore and interact with multiple schools. For more information, call 770-980-0088 or to register:

New York University Law School — Online Admissions Event — Tuesday, November 15, 9-10am CST

To chat live with an admissions officer, plan ahead to join our online information sessions this fall. We strive to offer all applicants at least one opportunity to join these online sessions with an admissions officer in order to ask questions about our programs, the admissions process, or application procedures in a public forum. Go here for more info and to participate in this event.

Upcoming Law School Open Houses and Admissions Events

As we explained in an earlier blog post, most law schools will offer tours or open houses for prospective applicants.  Upcoming events include the following Open Houses: the University of Chicago Law School – Monday, November 21; DePaul University College of Law – Saturday, November 12; John Marshall Law School – Saturday, November 19. For more information check out the blog post or go to our Compass page for a list of such events at several Illinois law schools.  You can find it by going to Compass and clicking on the “Applying to Law School” tab.  It is the first item in that section. Fall break is usually a good time to attend one of these events or to contact the schools to arrange a visit so make your plans now!

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Application tips from the University of Chicago Law School: A guest post

This week we are kicking off a new series of guest posts from law school colleagues. These posts will give you a peek into what’s new at their schools, share tips on the application process, and let you get to know the people reading your application.

Today we are happy to present this post from fellow Illini Dean Ann Perry from the University of Chicago Law School. You can also visit UChicago Law’s table at the Law School Fair here on campus next Tuesday, October 4 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Illini Union A, B, C Rooms.

Dear Fellow Illini—-

My name is Ann K. Perry, and I am the Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid at the University of Chicago Law School. Though I have been in this position for over 14 years, as a double alum of the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign my blood is still orange and blue. I enjoy getting back to campus and meeting with prospective law students. I already met with some students a couple of weeks ago when I was in town for an athletic board meeting. I wanted to reach more students so your great pre–law advisors invited me to write a blog post. You can find out a lot about the University of Chicago Law School on our website, so I won’t bore you with all of those details but do check out our website here. UChicago Law is a wonderful place to study law with a very engaged and active learning community where interaction with your professors happens daily both inside and outside the classroom! If this sounds like a place you would like to study……APPLY!!

I want to give you some just-released information about the Class of 2019. They have recently arrived on campus and classes start September 26 (we are on the quarter system). There are 186 students and University of Illinois is represented! Their median LSAT is a 170 and median GPA is 3.9, BUT it is always more helpful to look at the ranges—our LSAT range is 154-180 and our GPA range is 3.21-4.20. As you can see, these ranges are wide, which shows that we have a holistic review of all of our applications. The personal statement, resume, LORs, and transcripts are as important as the numbers. So as you are putting your application together, don’t take any short cuts and make each part as strong as you can.

And as you prepare to apply, I wanted to give you some tips regarding Letters of Recommendations (LORs), which might seem difficult to get on a campus as large as UIUC. As an alum, I am familiar with the size of some of your classes—I had over 1000 classmates in my Econ101 class many moons ago! You should think about the professor or teaching assistant who knows you the best, perhaps someone who taught you in two or more classes. Those are the people who can write strong letters about how they have seen you develop academically. Make sure to give them plenty of time to write the letter. When you ask them, it is helpful to bring them a copy of your resume so they learn all the other things you do on campus or the kinds of part time work you are doing while in school. Finally, don’t hesitate to clearly ask if they are able to write you a strong letter… want to give them an out if they just are too busy at the time to write the letter.

I hope you have found this information and tips helpful. We look forward to reviewing your application, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.

Go Illini!!
Ann Killian Perry
Associate Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid
The University of Chicago Law School

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5 Things to do after the December LSAT

December is here and the LSAT is over, which means it is time to focus on the remaining elements of your application so that you can get those applications out as soon as your LSAT score is available in the first week of JanuaryWhat should you be doing now?

Check on your letters of recommendation…NOW!! Your recommendations should already be in your LSAC account. Check your account and follow up with your recommenders ASAP if they aren’t, so that you know when they will be in. Remember that your application is not complete and will not be considered without them.  This should be your top priority because the closer we get to break, the busier professors get (or they begin to travel and be unreachable).

Draft your personal statement. It’s time to take that energy and time you were focusing on the LSAT and devote it to your personal statement. Although our personal statement workshops are over, we have some tips and suggestions for the personal statement on our website and a helpful video and handout on our Compass page.  You can also get help through the Writer’s Workshop, which is a great place to start. Spend some time thinking about your values, your career goals, and what makes you stand out from the crowd. Then write a draft, set it aside for a few days, and revisit it. Don’t worry if you don’t love the first draft–no one does. Start now so that you can spend at least a few weeks thinking, writing, and editing.

Schedule an appointment now. When you are ready for some feedback, you can make an appointment for a Pre-Law Advisor to review your personal statement and discuss it with you in addition to answering any questions about the application process.

  • December appointments: Both Pre-Law Advisors will be available for appointments through December 22, and we expect to be very busy with appointments during this time given that applications are up this year. It is a good idea to schedule your appointment now by calling 333-9669. Please email us your statement and resume two business days prior to your appointment so that we have time to review them.
  • Winter break appointments: The office will be closed Dec. 25 through January 1. Appointments will be available again starting January 2. If you are not in the Champaign-Urbana area, you can make a phone appointment–just let the receptionist know when you schedule that it will be a phone appointment.

Order your transcripts. You’ll need to order a transcript from each undergraduate institution you attended. At Illinois, you can check the “hold for fall grades” box to have your Fall 2017 grades included. Visit the LSAC here,, for more information on the transcript ordering process. You can order your Illinois transcript through the Registrar’s website here.

Schedule law school visits.  Many law schools offer open houses. Check your top 3-5 law schools’ websites and social media. Individual law school visits are a good alternative. Call the law school and ask for a tour and to sit it on a class. Visiting a law school is very important to your overall law school choice, and is a MUST for schools that you are seriously considering. Plus, law schools will note your visit and you may even get to meet the person reading your application, so be sure to make a good impression.

Take a look at our earlier post called “The Application Process: LSAC Tips” for even more application details.

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Mark Your Calendars — Week of April 18

The semester is winding down but there are still plenty of things going on. Check out some of the final PLAS and other events of the semester.  Scroll down for info on our Applying to Law School Workshop for Fall Applicants which is TODAY, our Personal Statement Workshop on April 27, Fulbright Scholarship Info Sessions, a legal internship and more!

PLAS Events and Opportunities

Applying to Law School: A Workshop for Fall Applicants — TODAY, April 18, 4-5:30pm, Room 503 IUB

Are you a junior or senior planning to apply to law school this fall or next? This workshop will introduce you to each element of the application process. You will walk away with a master plan for completing your applications early, maximizing admission and scholarships! We’ll demonstrate how to use the Credential Assembly Service account while covering: Letters of recommendation and how to get them; transcripts and how they are summarized; creating a law school resume; application fee waivers; and budgeting for application expenses. We will also share checklists to keep you on task and strategies for building your application list. This workshop will not cover the personal statement; attend the separate Perfecting the Personal Statement and Resume workshop for pointers on those items. The last 15 minutes will be Q&A for you to get your questions about the application process answered.

Perfecting Your Personal Statement and Resume: Wednesday, April 27, 4-5pm, 514 IUB

Not sure what to write in your law school application? Students who plan to apply for law school this fall can get a head start by working on your personal statement and resume this summer! This workshop will cover: What the personal statement and law school resume are; how they complement each other; a plan for how to write the personal statement; tips and suggestions for how to maximize the personal statement and the resume as well as how to make them stand out. Bring your questions! Please register by going to our Events Calendar  and clicking on the registration link so that we can ensure enough seating and materials for everyone.

June 2016 LSAT Study groups – Taking the June LSAT? Think about joining a study group.  PLAS is helping to coordinate the creation of study groups for the June LSAT.  The process is simple. Students fill out the requested information in the Google form here:  We will create study groups based on your responses and email each student so that the group can coordinate study times.

Upcoming Campus Events

The Career Center spring workshop calendar is posted on their website at: If you have not done so already, update your resume, plan your job search or summer internship, and get to know their office and resources. All sessions will be held at the Career Center, 715 S. Wright Street, unless otherwise indicated. Upcoming workshops include:

  • Getting the Job: Interviewing Tips, Wednesday, April 20 at 4:00 pm
  • Immigration Attorney Workshop: Friday, April 22, 2-3:30pm, The Career Center Interview Suite, (2nd floor of KAPLAN building by McDonald’s on Green St.) Room 213.  Immigration attorney Dhenu Savla will be visiting our campus on Friday, April 22nd. Ms. Savla speaks on immigration options after OPT and can answer questions about what options are available after the completion of F-1 or J-1 status in the U.S. This presentation will also include information about current immigration law issues including the OPT STEM extension and H1B lottery predictions. This event is co-sponsored by The Career Center, International Student and Scholar Services and Career Service Council (CSC) International Student Career Connections Committee. For more information, contact Un Yeong Park at

Illinois Fulbright Week Continues!

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program awards 2000 scholarships annually for studies, research or English teaching in 150 countries. U.S. citizens who are current juniors, seniors, graduate/professional students, or alumni may apply. The National & International Scholarships Program will host Illinois Fulbright Week through this Wednesday, April 20, featuring events for juniors, seniors, graduate/professional students and alumni who wish to explore Fulbright opportunities and begin preparing materials for the Fulbright Priority Deadline of July 1, 2016 for grants beginning in fall 2017.  This week’s events include:

Monday, April 18 

Fulbright Informational Webinar for Illinois Alumni and Students Abroad – 12:00-1:00pm CST. Register for the webinar here:

Fulbright Personal Statement Workshop – 3:00-4:30pm, 514 Illini Union Bookstore

Along with the Writer’s Workshop, we’ll explain everything you need to know about writing a Fulbright personal statement and help you begin to portray your own story!

Tuesday, April 19

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Application Workshop – 3:30-4:30pm, 514 Illini Union Bookstore

Learn how to put together a competitive statement of grant purpose for the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship!

Wednesday, April 20

Fulbright Informational Webinar for Illinois Alumni and Students Abroad – 8:00-9:00am CST

Register for the webinar here:

Workshop: Designing a Fulbright Research Proposal

Undergraduates and recent alumni – 3:00-4:30pm, 161 Noyes — Registration for undergraduate students and recent alumni:

 Graduate students – 3:00-4:30pm, 308 Coble Hall — Registration for graduate students:

 Join us for a crash course in research design and methods especially for Fulbright applicants.  We will explain what a Fulbright selection committee will be looking for in your proposal, and then help you start laying the foundation of a solid research design.

See full session descriptions here:

Upcoming Off Campus Events and Opportunities

Summer Law and Leadership Academy – Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law

The Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law Summer Law and Leadership Academy is a one-week program designed to foster diversity in the legal profession. The program aims to introduce undergraduate students to the study of the law and expose students to a sampling of potential career paths available with a law degree. Students who attend will gain an understanding of what it’s like to study law at the graduate level. Current undergraduate students who have completed at least 50 credits and possess a 2.7 or above cumulative GPA are eligible to apply for the program.  Interested students should complete the online application form prior to April 25, 2016.

Apply here to include a letter of recommendation from your college professor or advisor.Questions? Contact Assistant Dean for Professional Development Chasity Thompson, ’02; Phone: (317) 278-3001;

Legal Internship Opportunity — Steigmann Law LLP

Steigmann Law, P.C., a young law firm in Champaign-Urbana, is looking for interns who want to be involved in a fast paced, high-tech, multi-area, legal environment. Steigmann Law, PC engages in personal injury, medical malpractice, family law, civil litigation, real estate, criminal, DUI and wills and estate work. Attorneys at Steigmann Law, PC have had experience in both public and private sectors of work, including small and large law firms and are happy to share their knowledge and experience. Interns jobs will vary, and be assigned based on capabilities, but may include medical record organization, filing, abstracting depositions, assisting in trial preparations, Court filings, and attending depositions and Court hearings and legal marketing. Work times are flexible and we are willing to work around your academic schedule. Please email resumes and cover letters to

Have a great week!

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It’s January — Get Your Applications In ASAP!!

If you are applying to law school this cycle and do not have your applications in, get them in ASAP!  Remember: this is a rolling admissions process! What is your hold up?

Personal Statement: If you are struggling with drafting your personal statement, get cracking!  Not sure how to get started?  Check out our “Perfecting Your Personal Statement” video on the PLAS Compass page You can also look at our tips both on Compass and the PLAS website.  Once you have a draft, you are welcome to contact the PLAS office at (217) 333-9669 to set up an appointment with an advisor to go over your personal statement.  REMEMBER: you need to submit your draft personal statement 2 business days prior to your appointment!

Addendum:  If you have to submit an addendum to explain something related to a character and fitness disclosure or to explain something else in your application, just sit down and write it!  No amount of hand wringing is going to change a law school’s requirement that you submit this.  Not sure how to begin? First —  Check out the PLAS website to help you get started. Next — Go to the PLAS Compass page for more specific advice.  Both the “Perfecting Your Personal Statement” and “Character and Fitness” videos (found within the “Application Pointers” section) provide information to help you decide how to craft this document.  Once you have a good draft, feel free to make an appointment with a pre-law advisor to discuss it.  We have the same policy for a written addendum as we do for the personal statement: submit your draft 2 business days prior to your appointment.

Letters of Recommendation: Have your letter writers turned in your letters?  If not, you should gently remind them that you need letters submitted to LSAC before the law schools that require LORs will review your applications.  If you haven’t yet asked for letters of recommendation ASK TODAY!

Transcripts:  You need to submit your request for your most recent UIUC transcript to be submitted to your LSAC-CAS account.  Here is a link to the UIUC Registrar’s Office and to LSAC’s explanation of transcripts.  Note: if you have already submitted your applications, you still are obligated to submit an updated transcript to LSAC as part of your continuing obligation to disclose new information and supply updates to your file.  Go here for information on this requirement.

Good Luck!

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