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It is that time of the year again! Registration for Summer and Fall 2023 is just around the corner!  Law schools do not require any particular major or coursework. Students in ANY major can attend law school, and there are NO specifically required courses for pre-law undergrads. However, given an interest in law, we have compiled a list of suggested summer and fall courses that pre-law students may find helpful and interesting.

In general, students interested in going to law school should take classes that focus on analytical and critical thinking, communication, research and writing, and when possible – legal topics of interest. The recommended course list includes classes from many different disciplines that might serve one, or more, of these goals.  Take a look at the chart to find courses that are both interesting to you and will help build the necessary skills for law school.

Please keep in mind that these lists should not be viewed as exhaustive as there are many beneficial courses offered each semester.  These lists should be used to highlight courses of particular interest and give a broad overview of options. 

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See what fellow Illini say are some of their favorite pre-law related courses at Illinois…

Ben Mulaomerovic

Ben is currently the Class of 2025 Representative of the PLAS Advisory Council Ben is studying Finance and Accounting. He shared the following perspectives on his favorite pre-law related courses…

  • FIN 241 – Fundamentals of Real Estate – Introduction to Real Estate Transactions, Property Rights & Regulation. Currently taught by practicing lawyer Scott E. Perkins who provides unique insight into the daily life of a practicing real estate lawyer and applicable real-life examples. Great foundational class for those with an initial interest in property/real estate transaction law and finance. 
  • BADM 300 – The Legal Environment of Business – Although currently a mandatory aspect course of the business curriculum, BADM 300 is truly a fantastic introduction to corporate law and its many implications for current events, M&A, shareholder defense and so much more! The class is taught by Professor Warnick, who invests in students both inside and outside the classroom to ensure students with a particular interest in law have relevant insight into the life of a practicing corporate lawyer! 

Justin Davis

Justin is currently the Class of 2023 Representative of the PLAS Advisory Council and president of UIUC Accounting Club. He shared the following perspectives on his favorite pre-law related courses…

  • PHIL 102 – Logic and Reasoning – It was a great introduction to applying critical thinking to a text and then writing down your analysis.
  • BADM 300 – The Legal Environment of Business This was my first perspective on what laws apply to corporations. It also provided a glimpse into liability, constitutional law, and the hierarchy of federal vs state laws.

Jack McNabb

Jack is currently a pre-law student of the Class of 2023, studying Sociology and Business & Informatics. Here are his perspectives on his list of favorite pre-law related courses…

  • BADM 340 – Ethical Dilemmas of Business – I am currently taking this course and I have enjoyed it thus far. As the name states, this course explores some large ethical issues facing the current business world and could be valuable to students interested in business law.

Sruthi Navneetha

Sruthi is currently the At-large Representative of the PLAS Advisory Council, president of Phi Alpha Delta, and president and founder of Women In Law Pre-Law Society. She shared the following perspective on her favorite pre-law related course…

  • ECON 437 – Game Theory This can really help with other pre-law-related classes as topics in this class reappear in almost even Political Science class. It also helps people think critically, which is essential to scoring well on the LSAT.

Alex Nevarez

Alex is currently the Class of 2023 Representative of the PLAS Advisory Council, president of Pre-Law Honors Society, and vice-president of Kappa Alpha Pi. These are her favorite pre-law related courses…

  • PHIL 103 – Logic and Reasoning QR 2 – This is the most important course I have taken because it is directly applicable to the LSAT. In this course, you learn logic, symbolic logic, and essentially a new way of thinking. This new way of thinking is directly applicable to the LSAT as there are two logic sections. Because I had already taken this course when I started LSAT studying the logic sections came easy to me because my brain already had logical thinking background.
  • PHIL 104 – Intro to Ethics – In this course, it is logic, ethics, and writing combined. You cover three hot topics and read from philosophers coming from both sides and then you will write a paper on who you believe is right for each topic. The material is extremely in-depth and eye-opening and it aided me in helping me create good and sound arguments. I grew as a thinker and a writer.

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