Back to School Checklist!

Welcome home to ILLINOIS!  Whether you are a returning student or joining campus for the very first time, we hope you are prepared for a wonderful start to the academic year!  As you say good-bye to the summer and look forward to classes beginning next week, we wanted to share a few beginning of semester check-list items for a successful start to the academic year!

Update Your Resume…

For returning students, this is an ideal time to review your resume and make sure it is current and ready to go for the academic year.  As you review and update, be sure to include:

  • any experiences from the summer – get these items locked in while it is fresh in your mind!
  • upcoming and new leadership positions or campus involvement, and
  • updated academic status or information including GPA, scholarships, awards, and honors.

For individuals applying this application cycle, be sure to set up a time with the PLAS Office to have your resume reviewed.  You can schedule an appointment online at any time!

For new students to campus, be sure to add your new status as an Illinois student to your resume and make room for anticipated activities and experiences this fall!

TIP! If you don’t currently have a resume or feel your resume needs improvement, the Career Center offers a number of resources and advising opportunities to help you get started!

Set Goals…

Being proactive and setting goals is an excellent way to help you prioritize throughout the semester and bring you closer to your overall long-term goals.  Pursuing a path to a legal education takes many years of preparation and development.  Consider setting three goals in areas related to academic, personal, and professional development for this semester.  Whether it be improving your writing through a successful grade in a writing course, creating a consistent exercise plan, or taking on a leadership role, determine a few ways in which you can enhance your skills and experiences this semester.  Keep in mind that whatever goals you set, it is important to be realistic and set expectations that are proportional to the time you have to accomplish them.  

  • Not sure what to do? Feeling overwhelmed?  Don’t hesitate to set up a time to speak to a Pre-Law Advisor – we are happy to help you think through important priorities and goals for this semester. 
  • Tip!  Don’t forget to utilize your department advisor(s) and talk to your professors!  These individuals are exceptional resources to help you manage your academic progress, learn about new opportunities, and plan your future goals!

Mark Your Calendars…

The semester is always full of unexpected opportunities and experiences but creating a strong semester calendar now with important anticipated events, academic work, and obligations can be extremely helpful to your overall goals and success.  Be sure to start the semester off with the following items on your semester calendar:

  • Review your syllabus for each of your classes and mark your calendar now with due dates for big projects and assignments.  Be sure to schedule upcoming reminders several weeks prior to the deadlines to help you manage your various workloads. If you are applying this application cycle, be sure to include goal dates and important LSAT and admission deadlines!
  • Connect with student organizations and be sure to review their schedule of events and programs for those groups you belong to or are interested in. Put event dates on your calendar.  If dates are tentative, but you know the month – mark a reminder for the first day of the month and be sure to update details as they become available.

Join Us! If you are looking to learn more about pre-law organizations, join us on Monday, August 29 at 6 pm for our Pre-Law Student Organization Panel.

  • Participate in Activities on Campus!  One of the most exciting parts of being a student at UIUC is the incredible opportunity to participate in a wide spectrum of activities and events!  Check out the following links to plan ahead for things you would like to participate in!
  • Plan the Personal Stuff:  You will inevitably have important commitments to friends and family throughout the semester.  Be sure to mark important dates on your calendar now so you can plan around these important commitments later.  It is also important to take care of yourself through the semester and make time for things that will contribute to your overall well-being and success.  Be sure to research the many campus resources to help you stay well and be sure to schedule the time to invest in yourself!

Connect with Pre-Law Advising Services! 

Whether you are a freshman student or senior completing your last semester of classes, the PLAS Office is here to help and has something to offer to support you on your pathway to a legal career.  Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities upcoming the Fall!

  • Want to get involved?  Join us on Monday, August 29 for the Pre-Law Student Organization Panel and learn more about pre-law organizations on campus, how to join, and engage with some of our pre-law student organization leaders.
  • In your freshman or sophomore year?  Check out the Pre-Law 101 Workshop series offered through the fall and spring semesters specifically designed for freshman and sophomore students!
  • Looking for a unique opportunity?  Consider applying for the inaugural Pre-Law Advisory Council.  Applications are due September 1, learn more online!
  • Stop by for a chat!  We are anxious to meet with you and discuss your plans and goals.  Be sure to set up an individual advising session!
  • Save the Date!  Be sure to mark your calendar and plan to join us for the Illinois Law School Fair on September 28.  Join us as we host law schools from across the country here at the Illini Union!

Be sure to check out the Pre-Law website to learn more about the many resources and services available for students and alumni!

Have a Fantastic Start to the Semester!