Dear Current Pre-Law Students,

We hope you’re having a great week and staying healthy. With recent changes of the November LSAT administration to the LSAT-Flex format, we wanted to let you know of a resource available through the Pre-Law Advising Services Office!

The LSAT-Flex exam requires students to take the exam in a quiet, private room with reliable internet access. For students on campus who may be having difficulty in identifying an appropriate space, Pre-Law Advising will make private rooms available for you to reserve for your LSAT-Flex exam.

How it works:  Students can request to reserve a private room to take the LSAT-Flex exam. To help maximize the use of space, reservations are available in three-hour time-blocks, with the expectation that students will have 30 minutes before and after their exam to set up, get comfortable, and sanitize the room after the exam. Rooms will be located in the Armory building. Students will receive a more detailed email prior to their exam date outlining the protocol and expectations.

Reservation blocks are available at the following times:

7am – 10am |  10am – 1pm |  1pm – 4pm |  4pm7pm |  7pm10pm


A few quick notes:

  • Be mindful when signing up to ensure the Armory reservation overlaps your LSAT-Flex testing time. (i.e., if your exam is at 7:30am, you would reserve the 7am-10am time-block).
  • If none of the Armory reservations work with your LSAT-Flex time, please indicate that in the sign-up form. We will do our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee there will be an available private room outside of the pre-determined time-blocks.
  • Per campus policy, you will be required to have a current negative COVID-Test to enter the building.
  • We have limited space, all reservations are on a first come, first served basis.


How to Sign Up: To sign up for a space for the October LSAT-Flex, please register at the following link by OCTOBER 30:


For more information and guidance on where to take the LSAT-Flex, check out our blogpost: If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to

NOTE: this is only available to CURRENT U of I students, as only current students can have access to the Armory building, as well as other buildings, on campus. For alumni or off-campus students, please check out THIS blog post for more information on productive exam spaces to take your LSAT-Flex!