T-Minus ONE DAY!

Hello, Illini! We are 1 DAY away from our Law Fair! We cant to highlight a few reminders before the big day.


Before the Fair:

  1. Register now! Registration is free and easy: https://go.illinois.edu/2020GLPFair
  2. Have questions prepared. Check out our T-Minus 3 Days post for sample questions.
  3. Research the law schools you are interested in beforehand. You can visit the CareerEco site to see the schools’ profile pages or visit the schools’ websites.
  4. Visit CareerEco and pay attention to the chat room schedule so you can plan your day strategically and get a chance to speak with your top schools. The designated law school hours are 10am-2pm, but some schools will have shorter or longer hours.
  5. See our T-Minus 7 Days post to see all the law schools that are attending. There are schools from all over the United States!

During the Fair:

  1. Set Your Schedule, You can Come and Go! Feel free to visit the fair throughout the day as your schedule allows. Remember law schools have set their own chat hours so building your own schedule in advance will be key!
  2. Dress appropriately as some schools will have video chat available. We recommend business casual attire.
  3. Be professional, take initiative, and engage—this is a great way to make a first impression on admissions deans.
  4. Take notes and remember who you speak with. This is a great way to keep organized and will make things easier if you would like to follow up with certain schools.
  5. Questions? If you have any questions throughout the fair, Pre-Law Advising will have a chatroom where you can come speak with us from 9am-3pm! Simple search for “Pre-Law” under the chat room schedule!