T-Minus 3 Days: Illinois Law School Fair!

Hello Illini!  3 days to go and counting…

The Law Fair is a great opportunity to ask informative questions about schools you are interested in, discover new schools to consider, demonstrate your interest, and  make a great first impression on admissions representatives. Here are some potential questions you might find helpful to ask…

    • What are some qualities or characteristics you are looking for in law school applicants?
    • What kinds of experiential learning opportunities do you offer students?
    • What might my path look like at your school if I am interested in (blank) law?
    • What kind of scholarships are available to students?
    • How are your students prepared for the bar exam?
    • Why did you decide to work at the school? (or if you know the admissions rep attended that law school, you may ask why they attended that school)
    • Is there a way to get in touch with current students for informational interviews?
    • How accessible are faculty?
    • What is your school’s policy for evaluating multiple LSAT scores?

For more potential questions, see LSAC’s list of suggested questions for law fair attendees.

TIP: Take notes!  If you are applying this cycle take notes to remember the information you learn, consider asking the same question(s) in each chat room and compare answers later.

TIP: Make sure you note which representative(s) you talked to for future reference and follow-up!

TIP: Make time to review profile pages and chat with 1 or 2 schools you haven’t considered before – you may be surprised what you learn!

To Register!

Go to https://go.illinois.edu/2020GLPFair